TalkPoint EMEA is providing webcast solutions around the globe with Convey, the one and only do-it-yourself, cloud-based, innovative webcasting service. This software is a webcast solution for sophisticated IT professionals and non-IT business professionals alike.

Through any normal Internet browser on any persona device, users can create and launch webcasts using a webcam, video conferencing unit, or even a simple telephone. There are no downloads, no plug-ins, and no apps with the Convey webcast solution. Presenters and viewers can easily participate in an audio or video webcast from a desktop of mobile device.

Convey by TalkPoint offers flexible, secure, and accessible technology, interactive and on-demand presentations, fully-branded solutions, personalized production support, and strong reporting. You can use this webcast solution for optimal audience interactions like Q&As, surveys, polls, and social media. In addition, you can take advantage of Convey’s flexibility, as the software allows you to accommodate presentations as small as 50 people, to large audiences of 10,000 or more.

Another excellent feature of Convey from TalkPoint EMEA is its ability to provide users with instant online access to webcast attendance and the results of surveys, Q&As, testing, and certifications. This incredible webcast solution also enables you to receive real-time metrics on ROI through your browser, so you can instantly gauge the effectiveness of your presentation

You can easily create a stunning webcast that will entertain, inform, and impress your audience when you use Convey and its innovative, intuitive features. Flexibility and simplicity make this ingenious software from TalkPoint the one and only webcast solution you need.

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The top corporations in the FTSE 100 rely on TalkPoint to provide:

  • Flexible, secure and scalable technology
  • Interactive live and on-demand presentations
  • Fully-branded solutions
  • Live and on-demand mobile device delivery
  • Personalised production support
  • Robust reporting


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