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Educational webinars have become part of everyday business. Sponsored webinars that provide an outlet for thought leadership and lead generation are a meaningful revenue stream for B2B publishers. eMedia publishers need a robust webinar platform that satisfies the requirements of their attendees, as well as their sponsors. Webinar attendees expect not only meaningful content, but a compelling end-user experience. Webinar sponsors anticipate an easy-to-use platform that provides flexibility for branding and all the associated analytics for demand generation. TalkPoint’s self-service platform, Convey™, makes the grade on all of these requirements.

Build Compelling Webinars With Convey

Keeping attendees engaged during a 30–60 minute, or longer, webinar requires more than a dynamic speaker. With Convey webcast software, including content to augment the presenter’s audio or video feed is simple. Built-in editing tools allow for easy addition of photos, graphics, text, video clips, PowerPoints, and more to increase the value of a webinar. Customizable tabs can provide attendees biographies for the speakers, details about the sponsoring organization, clickable links and downloadable handouts, brochures, and other data to expand upon the information presented during the webcast.

TalkPoint’s software for webcasts includes options for producing a highly interactive webinar, to help maintain attendees’ interest and allow them to connect with the presenter. Offer polls or surveys at any point during the event, or generate a lively discussion with a moderated Q&A following the presenter’s remarks. In addition to building compelling webinars, the Convey HD webcast software enables webinar publishers to easily communicate with potential attendees. Send invitations and reminders, or schedule corporate attendees with Convey’s email integration, or generate interest through social media sharing.

Custom Branding Options to Please Sponsors

Convey webcast software provides full branding capabilities for webinars, allowing easy labeling for an educational series or a standalone webinar. Include sponsors on the webcast player page, the registration landing pages, and on invitation, reminder, or follow-up emails. In addition, rotating banners allow for displaying multiple sponsors within the webinar.

Easy to Create, Easy to Attend

Creating a webinar with TalkPoint’s industry-leading HD webcast software is surprisingly simple. Convey is a cloud-based platform that is designed to work with a publisher’s existing audio and video hardware, from a simple webcam to an in-house studio. Any video creator in the office is capable of wielding Convey’s powerful tools for cropping, adding content, splicing, and more, with automatic re-syncing of video and sound for professional presentations. Convey provides extensive reporting options, including attendance tracking. Webinars are secured with 128-bit SSL encryption and access is controlled with passwords.

All that attendees need to join a live webinar or view one on-demand is hardware with Internet access and a browser. Convey webcast software creates webinars that scale for viewing on a smartphone or tablet, whether Android, iOS, or Windows-based, as well as on a laptop or desktop computer. There are no required software downloads or browser plug-ins needed, eliminating a potential barrier to attendance.

The online learning market is a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide and continues to grow steadily. Create the best webinars with Convey, the best webcast software available today.

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Convey's Features for eMedia Publishers:

  • 100% browser-based access for presenters and viewers
  • Customizable registration and landing pages
  • Branded agenda pages for webinar series
  • Pre-event survey and polling
  • Social media buttons directly on the registration page
  • Rotating banners for multiple sponsorship opportunities
  • Customizable invitations and reminder emails
  • System integrated with third-party CRMs (Salesforce.com, Marketo, Eloqua, etc.)
  • Mobile delivery for both iOS and Android devices on every webcast
  • On-demand studio with browser-based, non-linear video and audio editing capabilities
  • 24-hour tech support with live chat available for presenters inside the Convey Live Studio
  • Automated webcast publishing and extensive online reporting capabilities

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