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Professionals in human resources are responsible for corporate culture and all the accompanying communications. The challenges are magnified by changing personnel, regulations and identity. Webcasting enables HR specialists to communicate effectively and efficiently while not sacrificing any control of timing or message.  

TalkPoint’s self-service webcasting platform, Convey™, offers customizable and secure webcast solutions for HR professionals to utilize for their most important communications. Since TalkPoint’s webcasts ensure the same delivery on every computer, tablet and smartphone, attendees will be able to view corporate communication webcasts, live or on-demand, even when they are out of the office.

Webcasting Offers Reliable Instruction for Employees

A consistent message is vital when introducing new employees to company standards and procedures, as well as for employee training throughout the company. Use Convey software for webcasts to ensure the onboarding for new employees is thorough and accurate, even when there are changes in HR department personnel. A live webcast with Q&A options is ideal for introducing new benefits or corporate restructuring and addressing employee questions on the fly, avoiding the start of rumors. Convey allows distribution of new documentation to employees during the webcast, such as updated handbooks, or links to important in-house surveys. Make meetings more effective with embedded slideshows, a panel of speakers, custom tabs full of additional information, and more. Convey webcast software makes it easy to send invitations to attend via seamless email integration.

Take Training to the Next Level

Convey webcast software allows for cost-effective training of all employees at once, with the on-demand option covering employees who are hired later. Use webcasts for new employee orientation, harassment training, leadership instruction for new managers, and job safety training and distribution of government regulations. TalkPoint’s webcast solutions provide an ideal virtual classroom, including the ability to teach small or large groups at once, automatically connect to Learning Management Systems for testing, and offer certification upon completion. Convey webcast software offers solid security options to ensure access only to those invited to the webcast, protecting sensitive information. Convey also offers robust reporting tools to track attendance, scores, and more.

Options Beyond Training, In One Easy-To-Use Solution

Webcasting is an ideal platform for promoting employee performance incentives, awarding recognitions in a live meeting, or announcing bonuses at a year-end celebration event. Promote corporate culture by team building and connecting executives to employees. Webcasts can be a valuable tool in a talent search: Promote a hiring fair or detail a particular hiring need with a webcast distributed over corporate social media channels. Every webcast is fully branded, from invitation and reminder emails to registration pages to the webcast display itself. The powerful editing tools in the Convey webcast software allow for cutting, adding video clips, and much more, all in an intuitive interface that automatically re-syncs audio and video for a professional webcast. Convey works with existing corporate hardware and is webcasts are accessible to every employee with an Internet connection and a browser. Convey is simply the best webcast software for Human Resources needs on the market.

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Convey's Features for Human Resources:

  • Live or on-demand access from any computer or mobile device through a single URL
  • Branded registration landing pages, emails and webcast players
  • Customized registration options
  • Create a live or on-demand training resource with testing and certification capabilities
  • Language localization to increase global brand unity
  • Document download capability to distribute updated regulatory or handbook information
  • Play pre-recorded videos within the webcast for compliance and training purposes
  • Open APIs for integrating with CRM and LMS tools, third-party registration systems and XML reporting data requests
  • Security options to ensure safe distribution of sensitive information

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