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Webcasting is now an integral part of enterprise unified communications, and IT professionals are tasked with providing reliable, easy-to-use webcast solutions for their end users. Corporate communications, human resources, investor relations, sales and marketing webcasting users, as well as their external clients, require IT to deliver an effective webcasting infrastructure with the flexibility, security and scalability to present their valued content.  

TalkPoint’s self-service webcasting platform, Convey™, satisfies these requirements without additional capital expenditure needed for software or equipment. The best part? For all its power, Convey webcast software is useable by the least tech-savvy user in the company, meaning IT won’t have to stand over the shoulder of every person who creates a webcast.

Simple, Inexpensive Deployment and Management

TalkPoint’s software for webcasts, Convey, is available by subscription, ensuring low-cost access to anyone in the company who needs to be able to create webcasts. Where it really saves money is in the webcast software’s integration with existing hardware. There is no need for equipment upgrades with Convey, because it will work with any hardware a company owns, from video conferencing units to full video production studios. If a company has no existing equipment, there is still no need to invest in new hardware. A simple telephone is sufficient for creating audio webcasts, and a laptop’s built-in webcam with a free H.264 codec will work for video creations. Plus, any employee at any office throughout the world will be able to attend webcasts delivered through Convey webcast software, whether they are working on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, as long as they have Internet access.

The larger an enterprise is, the more involved the process becomes for deploying new software, particularly if only certain personnel or departments are going to have access to it. Our webcast software is a multi-tenant SaaS platform, making it accessible from any Internet browser and a breeze to deploy and manage user accounts. Because it is cloud-based, all software updates are performed seamlessly and without IT involvement.

Secure and Reliable, Always

Convey offers the security and reliability expected in enterprise-grade webcast solutions. Unwanted attendees are blocked at registration and kept out of webcast viewing by optional password protection and 128-bit SSL encryption. Reliability is assured by the broad system of data centers that allow Convey to include thousands of attendees for a webcast and provide redundancy in the case of outages. We also archive webcasts for a year, still fully functional with interactive options intact. If there are any issues, from problems that occur during live webcasts to editing questions, we are always available to provide support.

Many of the top enterprises in the world agree that our Convey platform is the best webcast software available today. It offers the ease-of-use, functionality, flexibility, and power corporate executives and webcast creators want, along with the security, integration, compatibility, and reliability to please IT professionals. Take a closer look at Convey today.

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Convey's Features for IT Professionals:

  • SaaS-based platform so there is no need for additional capital expenditure
  • No software updates required as new features are added in the cloud
  • 100% browser-based access for presenters and viewers
  • Mobile delivery for both iOS and Android devices on every webcast
  • Multicast-ready so you can leverage your existing multicast infrastructure
  • Multiple and redundant data centers provide for scale and disaster recovery
  • Self-service integration for video signal acquisitions with Tandberg, Polycom, Jabber, telepresence and any H323 device
  • Self-service integration with any H264 encoder
  • Integrated telephony for audio webcast presenter and viewers
  • Multi-tenant permission based system allows for the creation and management of end-user accounts within the enterprise
  • On-demand studio with browser-based non-linear video and audio editing capabilities
  • Enterprise-grade security options
  • System integrated with third-party CRMs (, Marketo, Eloqua, etc.)
  • 24-hour technical support with live chat available for presenters inside the Convey Live Studio
  • Automated webcast publishing and extensive online reporting capabilities

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