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The communications needs of the marketing department have changed as audiences become more mobile and attentions are divided. Marketers need to webcast their content to internal and external audiences on-the-go in a customized, branded interface that clearly promotes their company’s identity and messaging.

TalkPoint’s self-service webcasting platform, Convey™, is an excellent tool for marketing professionals to generate targeted leads in an easy-to-use and reliable manner. Since TalkPoint’s live webcast services ensure the same delivery on every computer, tablet and smartphone, attendees will be able to view marketing webcasts, live or on-demand, whether they are at home, at the office, or on the road.

Professional Webcasts and Analytics

Webcasting is a critical marketing tool in our mobile, increasingly connected world. Industry reports show that nearly 90% of consumers research products online before a purchase, and the number is even higher for those seeking local services and solutions. Live webcast services from TalkPoint enable marketing departments to introduce products and services to consumers and potential clients, to add authority and expertise to their company, and to connect with consumers as they educate themselves in preparation for a purchase.

With Convey webcast software, it is possible to connect with consumers anywhere, anytime. Its easy-to-use yet robust editing tools and ability to integrate with existing corporate hardware make Convey a cost-effective solution for creating professional webcasts. Our live webcast services allow simultaneous access by up to 10,000 attendees, through any Internet browser, without requiring any downloads or plug-ins. This means fast, easy consumption. Live webcasts are automatically published for on-demand access, retaining any interactive elements. Convey webcast software also offers ROI analytics, reports, and stats marketers can use to track effectiveness of a webcast or improve future productions.

Engage Customers and Include Sponsors

Webcasting is valuable for product launches, customer appreciation events, and sales demos. Use Convey to offer lectures by company principals, guest experts, or industry panels, adding authority to company products and services or generating leads with post-event connections to forms or other content. Gain revenue from webcasts by using the Convey webcast software’s clickable sponsorship options. Engage customers and potential customers with PowerPoints, polls, surveys, and moderated Q&A sessions, which remain fully active once a webcast is available on demand. Add value for attendees by serving downloadable product documentation or additional information links.

Ease of Use Plus Available Support

Virtual events allow the generation of excitement and a quality connection with consumers beyond a company’s geographic location. Webcast live with software from TalkPoint and generate brand recognition, advertise products, and increase corporate trust. Convey allows even the least tech-proficient marketer to create a successful webcast, but our support experts are always available in case they are needed. TalkPoint also offers additional live webcast services, from training and rehearsing for presenters to an on-site production team for major events.

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Convey's Features for Marketing:

  • Live or on-demand access from any computer or mobile device through a single URL
  • Branded registration landing pages, emails and webcast players
  • Customized registration options
  • Integrated, moderated Q&A within the webcast player
  • Player tabs for speaker bios, agendas, social media, etc.
  • Social media buttons directly on the registration page
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports exportable to Excel
  • Integrates directly with existing marketing automation software
  • Q&A chat, surveys, testing and certification and document downloads
  • Share pre-recorded video clips directly within the event
  • Clickable sponsorship real estate to drive revenue
  • Post-event URL direction to take viewers to pre-determined content/forms

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