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No one understands the importance of a smooth-running presentation more than a meeting planner. With TalkPoint’s live webcast services, planners’ hybrid meetings and presentations can reach audiences across the globe, all through a single registration URL. Live webcasts, complete with streaming video from the origination site, will be seen simultaneously by audiences in conference rooms, in satellite meetings and on the road.

TalkPoint’s self-service webcasting platform, Convey™, ensures the same delivery on every computer, tablet and smartphone. Attendees will be able to view meeting planners' webcasts, live or on-demand, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road.

The Preferred Webcast Meeting Solution

The need for virtual and hybrid meetings continues to grow in corporate settings, enabling companies to cut travel costs and tighten budgets. Convey is the best webcast software available and the preferred solution for hundreds of the world’s top companies. It provides all the tools needed to create a professional, dynamic, engaging, interactive webcast while being easy to use and integrating seamlessly with existing audio and video hardware.

Keep attendees in outlying offices or on mobile access engaged with moderated Q&A capabilities. Conduct polls or exit-surveys for meeting feedback, voting on initiatives, and more. Custom tabs allow for providing agendas, links, and downloadable handouts to offsite attendees. Include PowerPoints or other visual aids in the webcast itself with a suite of powerful yet easy-to-use editing tools. For a professional appearance, include corporate or meeting sponsor branding on the webcast display, emails, and registration pages. When the meeting is over, Convey webcast software offers reports for attendance stats and much more.

Easy Access with Security and Reliability

When a meeting is webcast live with software from TalkPoint, attendees around the world can attend with Internet access and any hardware that can open a browser. No plug-ins or downloads are required to attend a Convey webcast. Without Internet access, an attendee can still join the meeting over the phone.

To protect sensitive information in high-level meetings, Convey webcast software offers 128-bit SSL encryption, the ability to require registration, and optional passwords for access. TalkPoint’s multiple, redundant data centers guarantee a reliable webcast to up to 10,000 live attendees at once. If there are any problems during live webcasts, or for questions at any stage of preparation or post-event, our support desk is always open.

Need an Onsite Team? TalkPoint Can Help

Convey webcast software is intuitive, allowing even a novice to create a great webcast, but sometimes more is needed. When planning a live meeting where professional handing is required, TalkPoint can help with additional live webcast services. We offer several levels of production management assistance, including consultants to train and rehearse with speakers, full management from sending invitations to final editing, and onsite production crews and encoding techs. At TalkPoint, we facilitate over 20,000 live events every year, and we can provide whatever assistance is needed to ensure a professional, problem-free meeting.

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Convey's Features for Meeting Planners:

  • Live or on-demand access from any computer or mobile device through a single URL
  • Branded registration landing pages, emails and webcast players
  • Customized registration options
  • Integrated, moderated Q&A directly within the webcast player
  • Player tabs for speaker bios, agendas, social media, etc.
  • Social media buttons directly on the registration page
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports exportable to Excel
  • Integrates directly with existing marketing automation software
  • Q&A chat, surveys, testing and certification and document downloads
  • Share pre-recorded video clips directly within the event
  • Clickable sponsorship real estate to drive revenue
  • Post-event URL direction to take viewers to pre-determined content/forms

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