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The sales manager’s role has changed as teams have become more disparate and performance expectations have been raised. Webcasting empowers sales managers to unify the sales team and keep them focused and informed. Webcasts are easily used for sales training, brand awareness, marketing initiatives, product updates, new releases, internal and external meetings.

TalkPoint’s self-service webcasting platform, Convey™, is an easy and reliable solution for sales managers, wherever they are located. Since TalkPoint’s webcast services run through an Internet browser, attendees will be able to view sales webcasts, live or on-demand, on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, even when they are out of the office.

Webcasting Oils the Sales Machine

A well-trained, motivated, dedicated sales staff is essential for corporate success. Convey webcast software enables sales managers to create engaging, content-rich presentations for live or on-demand delivery to sales personnel, no matter where in the world they are located. Talking with, training, or launching campaigns for sales staff spread across the globe is challenging. Sending a trainer out to satellite offices is expensive and a slow way to roll out new information, initiatives, and updates. Gathering sales staff in one place takes a greater toll on the budget, in travel expenses, event production/venue costs, and lost productivity.

TalkPoint’s webcast services solve this issue in an affordable way. Our Convey software for webcasting offers powerful content options, full branding, and professional editing tools, yet is easy to use without having to call IT or hire a video production specialist. Use a live webcast to train or motivate up to 10,000 sales agents simultaneously, then use the automatically published, on-demand version for future sales hires. One of the greatest parts of a live event or training is the interaction with attendees. With Convey’s built-in options for polling, surveys, and Q&A, that interaction isn’t lost. Plus, crowd-control options keep everything running smooth.

A Vital Instrument for Sales Management

With Convey webcast software in a sales manager’s toolbox, the focus can shift to producing excellent presentations instead of worrying over the cost of delivering an event for the entire sales staff. Webcasts created with Convey can include slides for illustrating projections, display spreadsheets and graphs, or deliver documentation to sales staff. Provide product demos, introduce new marketing plans, or show off the newest TV or print ads as part of the webcast. Offer coaching by special guest speakers, or test and certify sales agents on new products or services. Set up team collaborations, or provide language-specific webcasts for staff in other countries. Convey includes secure access to ensure only the sales staff or desired teams within the staff attend a webcast, and the software generates reports to track exactly who did attend.

Generate Leads with Webcasts

Convey webcast software is also ideal for collaborating with the marketing department to create events that will attract potential customers and generate leads for the sales force. Use email and social media integration to invite, send reminders, and collect solid leads for follow-up sales calls. The power of webcasting belongs in the hands of sales management, for staff training and generating product awareness and excitement both inside the company and among the public. With Convey, the best webcast software available, the possibilities are endless.

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Convey's Features for Sales Management:

  • Live or on-demand access from any computer or mobile device through a single URL
  • Quick and easy set-up to deliver impromptu meetings
  • Presentation deck and document downloads to distribute product and training information
  • Preset pre-recorded videos to demo products or commercials
  • Customized registration options
  • On-demand access from the same URL to ensure attendance regardless of time zone or schedule
  • Integrated, moderated Q&A directly within the webcast player
  • Security options including password protection and referral checking

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