3 Attention Grabbers for Promoting Your Webcasts

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Getting the word out for your webcasts takes more than sending promotional emails and calling customers to invite them to attend. You also need to grab potential webcast attendees’ attention so that they are excited to attend. When you put a plan in place to promote your webcasts, there are a few small steps you can take to do it with some flair.

1. Update Your Email Signature

It may sound a bit silly, but an updated email signature is a free and easy method you can use to grab your recipient’s attention. Especially if your company uses a standardized signature format; a differentiating component can make your email stand out. Try adding a link to your webinar library or to a web page where someone can learn more about your webcasts. Your email recipient may click on it out of sheer curiosity or with the intent to take advantage of your webcast offerings.

2. Add It in Your Blog

Your blog readers are already familiar with your brand and interested in what you have to say – so it can be an excellent avenue to keep them abreast of your upcoming webcasts. A fun way to promote your webinar through your blog is to post a story that serves as a teaser to your upcoming webcast. Chances are if your subscribers were drawn to a blog because of its specific topic, they will want to access additional information. If you throw in a registration link to your webinar, your blog readers can conveniently register to attend.

3. Offer Swag or Other Giveaways

Everyone likes free stuff and discounts. So why not offer them with your webcasts? You can give away fun stuff like your company swag. Better yet, offer discounts to loyal customers or incentives to new leads. Promote these offers on your social media, website or on your webinar registration pages.

Invest some time in making these fun promotional opportunities a part of your webcast plan. You will surely reap the benefits of driving up webcast attendance!

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