4 Interactive Strategies to Wow Your Webcast Audience

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When you are designing your webcast events, your message needs to be clear and resonate with your audience. Achieving a balance between these two goals takes more than just delivering meaningful content – it takes flair.

You have to project a webcasting environment that draws attendees to your content and allows them to interact with others during the webcast. By offering some unique functionality, you can draw your audience in and get them excited about any subject matter.

1. Offer Q&A

During your webcast, attendees may have some questions that are best answered in the moment. Give your attendees the answers they need by offering a question and answer session during, or at the end of, your webcast.

If you offer a live Q&A as your present content, it may be best to designate an additional person (other than the presenter) to address the Q&A queue. Note that if you decide to address the Q&A in the moment, some questions may need to be discussed with attendees offline or may interrupt the flow of the presentation. In addition, some questions may be answered later in the webinar. Just be sure you integrate the Q&A to compliment the webcast and keep the presenter on track.

2. Give access to downloadable resources

When you present useful content during your webcast, attendees may crave additional information. To ensure your attendees can expand on what they learn during the webinar, you can give them access to downloadable resources. This can be done by giving them links to your social media, blog, company registration page or other pieces of downloadable content. You can also point them to on-demand webinars or registration links for future webinars.

3. Display live polls

If you are looking for a way to grab your audience’s attention and gauge what they need, integrating live polls offers extremely valuable insight. Not only are live polls a unique method to capture your audience’s attention– they will also give you real-time information to help the presenter navigate the podcast. Live polls give you the ability to address any gaps during the webcast or to shift the webinar’s focus to advocate audience interest.

4. Launch a Twitter feed

Using Twitter during your webcast makes it fun and easy for attendees to tweet about your webcast on their social media profiles before, during and after they have participated. Feel free to incorporate your company’s profile links and Twitter feeds directly into your webcast. Attendees will enjoy seeing live Twitter feeds that reflect their posts and reaction to your presentation.

Pro tip: You can also promote additional social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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