4 Smart Tips Every Webcast Promotion Strategy Needs

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The following tips are time-honored and marketing-tested. Don’t plan your next webcast promotion strategy without them.

1. Time Your Event Effectually

In choosing the day and hour of your webcast, timing is the proverbial everything. Consider when your target audience is most likely to engage with you. Are your prospects busy professionals who have to wade through a pile of emails on Monday morning? Do they tend to check out mentally on Friday afternoon?

Pick an appropriate day and time, and then develop a webcast script and presentation deck that’s not a minute longer than 60 minutes. Closer to 30 minutes is even better.

2. Promote, Promote, Promote

After you send the initial invitation email to your prospects, start promoting your webcast to them at least three weeks before the event date. Email and social media promotions are most common. Never rely on only one promotional email to get the job done.

To stay top of mind and encourage registration in the weeks leading up to your webcast, craft three or four emails to send to your prospects at spaced intervals. The goal of these multiple emails is to nurture prospects who received promotional content about your webcast but haven’t registered.

Use your existing customer relationship management (CRM) tools (e.g., Salesforce) and marketing automation tools (e.g., Marketo, Hubspot, or Eloqua) to pace your promotional emails well and avoid miscommunication.

3. Be Single-Minded

Each of your promotional emails and other outreach efforts should have one goal: To move your prospects toward registering for your webcast. This is your only call to action. Place it prominently in your emails. Make it simple, quick, and convenient for people to register.

Tell prospects about the value of your webcast, with a laser focus on what’s in it for them. What will they take away from the event that they don’t already know? How will you help them do x faster or cheaper, or how to improve y in less time than it takes to iron a pair of pants? Tell them in clear, concise, and persuasive language.

4. Measure, Measure, Measure

After your event, you’ll probably have a sense of the overall effectiveness of your webcast, what worked well, and what didn’t. But you need to go much deeper than this. You need to really understand how your promotional efforts contributed to lead generation, and define a method to measure the value of your efforts. Use this information to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your webcast promotion strategy and make improvements for the next time.

Here’s where your webcasting platform can provide a lot of help. Use it to generate customized and automated email confirmations. Track unique URLs to measure the effectiveness of a variety of invitation sources. Send data and analytics about your webcast audience to your CRM to create or update leads and contacts. You can do all these things and more to develop and fine-tune your killer webcast promotion strategy.


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