4 Techniques for Educational Webcasts

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If your organization is putting together a webcast aimed at educating your audience, you have many puzzle pieces to put together. Don’t fret! With just a few simple techniques, your webcast event will be able to attract your target audience and effectively educate your attendees.

1. Keep Your Educational Theme Short and Sweet

When you are choosing a topic or theme for your webcast, the best way to attract attendees is to keep it simple. Keep a main educational goal or objective in mind and make it the focus for your webcast. Make sure that it is easily achievable and clearly defined. People are more likely to register for your webcast when they understand what they’ll learn and what they’ll be able to do after viewing your event.

2. Put It into Action

Seeing is believing. Try to demo what you are teaching. If you can’t do that, show examples of something being executed. You can also show them the end result after the task you are teaching is complete. Showing your audience how the process comes to fruition is an effective way to get them excited to learn.

3. Steer Away from Complex Questions

If you allow your audience to ask questions, make sure to stick to the core theme of your webcast. In some cases, attendees may ask complex or off-topic questions that can distract or confuse your audience. If a question is too advanced for your target audience, politely redirect the focus and offer to answer the question outside of the webcast. Make sure the question content supports your educational goals.

4. Periodically Validate Audience Comprehension

As you move through your webcast, there are usually a number of steps and processes involved in getting to the end result. Depending on the duration of your webcast, it is useful for you to stop every so often to check that your audience understands. One way to validate their understanding is to ask if there are any questions before you move on. Another tactic is to use a moderator to monitor who accepts questions from the audience and directs them to you upon your request.

Use these tips to encourage your target audience to register for your event and to ensure that attendees get the most out of your webcast event.

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