4 Webcast Approaches for Software Companies

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A strong webcast strategy offers many benefits for software companies – whether you leverage webcasting for potential leads, repeat clients, or both. Regardless of your software functionality and target market, you need your webcasts to stand apart from your competition. As a software company, there are a few webcasting approaches you can implement that will wow your audience.

1. Use On-Demand Webcasts for Demos

Potential clients like to see your software in action. What better way to do that than with a demo? Scheduling individual demos can be time-consuming, and they don’t always lead to conversions.

Give leads the basic information they need without straining your resources. You can create a few basic on-demand webcasts that offer an overview of your product. After your leads watch the demo at their convenience, you can schedule more customized webcast meetings.

2. Take Release Notes to a New Level

When a new software release is about to come out, clients are excited to learn about new functionality. Rather than have them wait to read your release notes, a webcast meeting is a fun, engaging way to deliver advanced information.

Before or just after you publish a new software release, you can run a live webcast event to showcase your new enhancements. This also gives clients the unique opportunity to ask questions about the new functionality. Using webcasts empowers you to give your clients in-the-moment training for your most recent product.

3. Save Time for Your Support Teams

Support teams often face the same troubleshooting issues over and over again. Clients become frustrated when they cannot find the answers to an issue and are forced to contact support to resolve their roadblocks. Webcasting can ease these frustrations.

Hold a meeting with your support team to find out some of the most pressing or frequently occurring support issues. You can make on-demand videos that show users how to overcome these issues. If the clients can watch a video to help them troubleshoot, it will free up time for support teams to focus on more pressing issues.

4. Host Streaming Events for Advanced Functionality

Many software companies have long-standing clients who have advanced needs and may be unaware of some of the deeper capabilities of your software. You can offer a live streaming webcast event to inform them of how to get the most out of their software.

Invite administrators or other advanced users to this webcast and give them a chance to chat, interact, and ask questions about advanced functionality. Show them some advanced tricks and tips, and they will be able to put their new knowledge to good use. They will also appreciate your proactive approach to training.

Your company will benefit when you put these four tips to good use. More importantly, you will exceed your clients’ expectations and stand out from your competitors!

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