4 Webcast Techniques for Employee Recognition

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Webcasts can be used to share information with your internal customers. When you are hosting these types of webcasts, you can take a unique approach to recognizing your top performing employees – by discussing their achievements during your webcast event. These webcast techniques add some sparkle to how you recognize your employees.

1. Make a Timeline Video

A fun way to recognize your employee is to make a video about them. You can show them in action with your business and its customers, or share personal information to give their peers more insight into who they are. Videos are extremely engaging for your audience, but moreover, they will make your employee feel extra special.

2. Show a Photo Slideshow

A photo slideshow can give your webcast attendees personal insight into the employee(s) that you are recognizing. Show photos of them at work or outside of work to tell a story to your audience. Webcast attendees will feel more connected to the person you are talking about. Action photos in the workplace are also an effective way to show the broad staff why you are recognizing the employee – they can serve as visuals to commemorate what your business considers best practices for top performers.

3. Create a Slide

As you recognize employees, you can integrate presentation slides that highlight key points about them to share with your audience. If you recognize one employee at a time, try giving each employee a slide with a photo (personal or professional) and text that highlights their accomplishments, projects, job title and more. Add a personal touch to give attendees insight into what they do outside of the workplace.

4. Give Your Employee an Award

Giving an employee an award is an opportunity for your business to recognize what makes them special to you. You can recognize an employee for longevity, performance or tenure with your business. For any of these special occasions, you can create a digital award certificate to share with your audience. You can also invite award recipients to the live event and present the award during the webcast. Alternatively, you can present awards before the webcast and video of them receiving the award.

Using one or more of these techniques is a fun, engaging way to boost morale while giving your top employees a virtual pat on the back!

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