4 Winning Ways to Promote Your On-Demand Webinars

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Your live webinar was loaded with impactful presentations and useful Q&A. Attendance and participation was high, thanks to a variety of well-paced pre-event promotional efforts. Don’t let such rich content go unnoticed in your online archive.

Here are four ways to effectively promote your on-demand webinar.

1. Create an enticing landing page

A landing page on your website can attract a whole new flock of users and leads to your on-demand webinar. Use primary keywords in the heading of your landing page. Tell visitors what they can expect to learn or gain from viewing your webinar. If available, include a customer testimonial or webinar attendee quote on the landing page.

Keep the landing page short and targeted. Likewise, keep form fields to a minimum. The registrant’s name, email, and title are usually sufficient.

2. Use social media

Social media is a powerful promotional tool.

  • Tweet about your on-demand webinar.
  • Promote your webinar on Facebook and LinkedIn. Include a brief, alluring description, a strong brand image, and a clear call to action.
  • Spread the word about your on-demand webinar in relevant groups and online forums.

3. Advertise on your website

In addition to a dedicated landing page, promote your on-demand webinar on relevant pages of your website such as “Resources and Events.” Spotlight it in a banner ad on your homepage. Write a blog about the topic and include a link to the webinar. And don’t forget to add it to your online webinar library.

4. Send emails

Make your on-demand webinar the focal point of a lead nurturing campaign. If applicable, spotlight attendee testimonials and play up guest speakers.

As with any promotional email, timing is important. Studies show that Tuesdays attract the most registrations, followed by Wednesdays and Thursdays. Send emails early in the morning so they’re high in the recipient’s inbox.

Create a promotional strategy for your on-demand webinars. Give this rich content the attention it deserves while you make the most of your marketing investment.

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