5 Tactics to Launch New Products Through Webcasting

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When you are launching a new product for your business, advertising is your top priority. Using a webcast to advertise your new product is a cutting-edge way to get the word out so that consumers are aware of what you are selling and how to buy it. Before you launch a new product through webcasting, there are five webcast tactics that you should put in to play.

1. Run a Product Demo

Nothing shows off your product better than you consumers seeing it in action. A webcast allows you to show the audience that the proof is in the pudding. Demo your product live or integrate a video into your webcast to let consumers know what your product can do!

2. Show Product Testimonials

Did you elicit consumer feedback about your product before you went to market? Were some consumers early adopters of your product? If so, these consumers are excellent candidates to give product testimonials during your webcasts. You can prerecord testimonials or invite the consumers to talk live directly to the audience. You can also capture quotes that you can integrate within your presentation.

3. Offer Deals for Attendees

This tip offers a double whammy benefit for your business – attract customers to your webcast and drive sales by offering product deals for webcast attendees. These deals can be for a limited time and you can determine the scope of the offers. You can offer discounts on new product(s) that you discuss in the webcast or expand it to additional products and services.

4. Give it Away Now

Everyone loves free stuff. A new product webcast is an opportunity for you to offer free gifts to your attendees. Give away your new product, company swag or other promotional offers that will excite and benefit webcast attendees.

5. Pitch a Bonus Purchase

Customers like to get special treatment. You can make your webcast attendees feel special by pitching a bonus purchase opportunity during your event. You can offer a bonus item or bundle pack if your attendees purchase during the event. You can also extend the offer for a limited time after the event. Either way, webcast attendees will appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer that is only open to them.

However you go about implementing them, these webcast strategies for new product launches are a sure fire way to promote your product and excite your attendees!

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