5 Tips to Craft a Winning Webcast Registration Page

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Your online event registration page is prime real estate. It’s one of the main opportunities you have to entice people to tune in to your event, and so it deserves careful attention. Following are five ways to help you craft an effective registration page.

1. Keep It Crisp and Outcome-Oriented

Only give people the information they need. Don’t clutter up your registration page with too much detail or fluff. Think outcome-oriented: What’s in it for your audience? What will they learn by attending your webcast? What will you tell them that they don’t already know? How will you help them solve a problem or overcome a challenge? What will be their key takeaways? You’ll entice them to register by addressing these questions.

Keep speaker bios short and sweet. Include photos too.

2. Highlight Key Information

Make sure the event title, date, and time (including time zone) are prominent on the page. Inform people if your event will be available on demand so that they’ll still be motivated to register.

Incorporate an automated email with a calendar invite that’s triggered when a person registers. This invite will give registrants an immediate opportunity to put your online event on their calendars.

3. Include a Clear Call to Action

Remember that your aim is to get people to register for the event. Don’t bury the registration button at the bottom of the page or place the registration form “below the fold.” Don’t detract from your primary goal with additional links to related resources. Save those for your presentation and event handouts.

4. Keep Form Fields to a Minimum

Don’t turn users off with a long registration form. The fewer the fields the better. You’ll have additional opportunities to collect information from them after they register. Likewise, limit the length of drop-down menus. Lengthy drop-down menus are prone to user inaccuracy.

5. Make It Visually Pleasing

If your event is tied to a promotional campaign, use the same imagery on the registration landing page that’s used on your other campaign materials. At the very least, be consistent with your company logo and corporate color scheme. Users appreciate the visual tie-in.

Keep these five tips in mind as you craft your webcast registration landing page. You’re sure to convert more users into registrants.

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