5 Tips to Get Your Webinar Email Noticed

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Your email will be competing alongside dozens of other incoming messages. The five following tips will help make your webinar email stand out from the crowd.

  1. Keep your message concise.

You don’t have to provide every detail about your webinar in your promotional email. One strategy is to include the most important information in your email—three top takeaways along with the event title, speaker, date, and time—and leave the rest of your promotional messaging for the event landing page.

In any case, keep the body of the email concise. Use numbered lists or bullets to spotlight top takeaways.

  1. Use an image banner.

Your image banner should contain:

  • A concise statement about your webinar’s value proposition. What will users gain or learn from attending your webinar?
  • The webinar date and time
  • A call-to-action button, or you can make the entire image banner clickable.
  1. Include a prominent call to action.

What do you want the user to do after reading your email? Register for your webinar? Save the date? Go to the landing page for more information? Whatever your call to action, make sure it’s visually prominent on the page. Put the call to action at the end of your email and in the email header as a button or hyperlinked text.

  1. Punch up the copy with visuals.

Tie your landing page and promotional emails together with common colors and include your company logo for brand recognition. If you have a promotional or teaser video related to your webcast, include the video thumbnail in your email too.

A great way to make a connection with users is to include an image and bio of your speaker or speakers. Keep the bio short and select an image that isn’t the typical corporate headshot.

  1. Conduct A/B testing.

Try out two or more variants of your main message to see which performs better, that is, which one yields the most conversions.

Consider testing other variables of your email campaign, such as:

  • The day and time you send the email.
  • Including an incentive in the subject line.
  • Linked images versus text: Which has the better click-through rate?

As with any webinar analytics you gather, keep doing the things that work and ditch the ones that don’t.

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