5 Types of Webcasts You Can Use to Outshine Your Competition

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Hosting webcasts regularly is a great way for your organization to stand out from the competition. But sometimes coming up with ideas for what to broadcast can be challenging when you already have a lot on your plate.

Here are five types of webcasts you can use to outshine your competition and keep your audience engaged.


1. Highlights and Discussions of Unique Research

If you’re in a field that’s constantly changing (e.g., technology, digital marketing, healthcare), then you’ll want to consider hosting webcasts that highlight new findings on a regular basis—especially if your organization conducts its own research. Even if your organization doesn’t conduct its own research, your webcasts can be the first to feature engineers, scientists, or entrepreneurs talking about their important work, discoveries, cutting-edge research, or new ideas and avenues in your industry.

2. Product Demonstrations

According to [HubSpot](https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/top-video-marketing-statistics#sm.0001agz8fnm7qcuby3m2fy7vd2qou), four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. So, if you have an e-commerce business or a retail business, you’ll want to host webcasts on a regular basis to demonstrate how to use or wear your products. You’ll especially want to host such webcasts when you launch a brand-new product or clothing line. You can demonstrate how to use the product’s features and show happy customers who are using or wearing your products too.

3. Productivity Tips and Tricks

People don’t like being sold to all the time. That’s a fact that marketers have been trying to work around and combat for decades. So, you’ll want to ensure that every single webcast you host isn’t just centered on your products and business or filled with demands to buy this or do that. Otherwise, your viewership will start to decline, and people will tune out. If you really want to outshine your competition, provide real value to your customers. Entertain them (make them laugh or become inspired), provide them with tips for how to do their jobs more efficiently, or offer any other kind of information that’s designed to make their lives easier and better.

4. Behind the Scenes

Per [Live Stream](https://livestream.com/blog/62-must-know-stats-live-video-streaming), 87 percent of audiences claim they would prefer to watch online video instead of traditional television if it meant more behind-the-scenes content. Audiences enjoy this type of content because it satisfies their curiosity and makes your information more transparent to them. If you want to build trust with your audience, show them around your office or facility and show them how you make or do things. Your customers truly want to know!

5. Interviews

Host regular webcasts where industry experts are interviewed on panels or one-on-one. You can even interview your company’s CEO if he or she is up for it. Un-rehearsed customer testimonial interviews are also a great way to build trust for your brand and products. You can even interview your employees for a “day in the life” working at your company.

When hosting the above webcasts, remember that the best way to outshine your competition is to always provide value for your audience no matter what, and to do something unique whenever possible.


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