6 Tips for Promoting Your Webinar on Social Media

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When it’s time to promote your webinar, you can’t afford to back-burner social media. Many of the same people you’re targeting for your webinar are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media sites at least once a day. A single tweet alone can reach millions of people.

Following are six tips to help you make the most of promoting your webinar on social media.

1. Add social sharing buttons on your webinar registration page

Self-service webcasting platforms make it easy to add buttons to your registration and thank you page, making it easy for attendees to help you promote your webinar.

2. Start promoting early

About three weeks before your webinar, start promoting it through short, enticing posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, at minimum. Make your posts short and not overtly sales-y. Catch people’s attention by spotlighting a useful takeaway from your webinar, and remember to include the date, time, and registration information.

3. Don’t be repetitious

You need to promote your webinar multiple times on the same social media sites. But you don’t want to repeat the same post day after day in the weeks leading up to your webinar. Create a series of unique posts leading up to the day of the webinar (if it’s a live event). Go to the major social sites and see how other companies are promoting their webinars. Adopt techniques that catch your attention.

4. Use your cover photos

Your social media cover photo is great real estate on which to promote your webinar. There are free online image editing tools with templates you can use to create cover photos to add to Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, and other sites.

5. Include social media during the webinar

During your webinar, attendees can use the aforementioned social media buttons to share information in real time. Also, someone on your team should tweet topic insights or presentation nuggets during the webinar. This interactivity helps boost attendee engagement and promotes your company brand.

6. Keep promoting after the webinar

Your completed webinar is a high-value content asset. For a few months following the event, continue to publish posts on your social media sites recapping the webinar highlights and key takeaways. Tell people where they can view the on-demand webinar.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in front of your target audience on social media sites. Connect and engage with them. Promote the value of your webinar along with your company brand.

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