Are You Making the Most Out of Collaborative Video Webcasts?

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Video is the centerpiece of enterprise collaboration and convenient, efficient information sharing. No other medium can simultaneously:


* Extend a company’s reach exponentially
* Get everyone on the same page instantly
* Enable user exchange and dialogue in real time
* Transcend geographies and time zones
* Hold attendees’ attention far greater than web and audio conferencing alone
* Connect workers wherever they are
* Promote team building
* Promote company transparency
* Enable body language to be conveyed in tandem with visual display of information

Power of the Video Player

Video combined with browser-based tools and technologies enhances interactivity and the user’s collaborative experience. This is one of the reasons why your video player software, the user interface, is critical. It defines how you want viewers to consume your content and their level of engagement.

If high engagement is your goal, your player should contain interactivity and collaboration tools such as the ability to:

* Ask questions and submit comments
* Participate in polls and voting
* Download related content
* Integrate with social media such as Twitter and Facebook
* Choose the language to receive content
* Request technical or other support
* Choose which segments or chapters of content to view (on-demand content)

Webcasts that combine high-definition video with a user interface that promotes engagement are powerfully effective collaboration tools.

Power of Video Webcasts without Network Congestion

In a typical enterprise framework, each video viewer connects through a network gateway to the Internet. As the number of participants increases, the high bandwidth required by video streams can exceed gateway capacity, straining transmission quality and network control. Not so with a cloud-based, self-service webcasting platform. You can hold as many video webcasts as you like securely without congesting your enterprise gateway or WAN links, because participants are connected to the first available source of the content closest to them.

Video webcasts are an ideal mechanism for enriching employee communications, and collaborating and engaging with customers and partners. Video webcasts can help you share knowledge, conduct training, increase thought leadership, introduce new products, improve executive messaging, boost productivity, and a lot more–efficiently, cost-effectively, and without hogging bandwidth.


TalkPoint is a industry leader in enterprise communication, our award-winning webcasting platform Convey has facilitated with company-wide messaging to Fortune 500 organizations globally for over fifteen years.

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