The Basics for Marketing Your Recorded Webcasts

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Once you’ve planned and captured your webcasts, it’s time to promote them and share them with others. Here are some of the basics for how you can share and promote your recorded webcasts.

Rely on a Self-Service Platform

If you rely on a self-service webcasting platform, it will automatically record and save your webcasts, so you don’t have to worry about accessing them from other platforms or applications to promote and share them. And it will allow you to include your own branding and logo on your webcasts too, so all your webcasts are instantly ready to promote and share.

Launch Automated Email Campaigns

From a self-service webcasting platform, you can automate emails with links to your webcasts to send out to your subscribers or customers. You can send email campaigns to different audience members with different profiles and send follow up emails, too. Don’t forget that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19 percent and clickthrough rates by 65 percent. (Source: HubSpot)

Use High-Quality Images and Video Clips

To increase interest in your recorded webcasts, include video clips of them in social media posts and emails as a teaser and to provide a preview of what your webcasts are about. And be sure to use high-quality images from your webcast, too. People are more likely to engage with social media posts and emails that have images and video content in them. (Source: HubSpot)

Create Landing Pages

Did you know that including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent or more? (Source: LiveStream) So, if you want your marketing efforts to yield real results, include your webcasts on landing pages that you share via email campaigns and on social media, and that are hosted on your website.

Embed Webcasts on Your Website

If you have a steady stream of website visitors, then include a page on your website that’s dedicated to your webcasts. Allow your website visitors to access the webcasts directly from your website.

Leverage Social Media

Beyond sharing links to your landing pages on social media, consider uploading your webcasts to sites like YouTube. You’ll be able to host a video channel and engage with users on the site about your webcast content. And be sure to include social sharing buttons on each of your webcasts so that your viewers can also share them across social media sites and in emails.

Review Your Metrics and Understand Your Leads

Continually look at metrics that tell you who is accessing your recorded webcasts, through which mediums, and how long they watch. Each viewer could be a potential marketing lead. However, they aren’t all the same type of lead. Viewers who watch your entire webcast should be considered “hot” leads, while those who only watch a portion of the webcast might be considered “lukewarm” leads. While you may want to reach out right away to your “hot” leads with an offer to buy or do something, you may want to send a follow up webcast to your more “lukewarm” leads.

Keep the tips above in mind when marketing your recorded webcasts.

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