Best Practices for Effective Enterprise Video Webcasts

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Enterprise video webcasting is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to engage and inform employees. Successful enterprise webcasts share the same foundational elements as non-corporate webcasts:


* Useful, relevant content.
* Interactive features to keep the audience engaged.
* High-quality user experience.
* Robust analytics.

Let’s look at some of the best practices that contribute to the success of each of these elements.


* Develop slides with your employees in mind. Remember, you’re writing for them, not for you. If they don’t see what’s in it for them quickly and easily, you’ll lose them to multitasking or dropping off entirely.
* Keep slides simple. Don’t overwhelm employees with too much information crammed onto a single slide. For maximum impact and user stickiness, include only one concept or key point per slide.
* If your webcast is long, chunk it up into segments. Likewise, break up your presentation with visuals, video snippets, or both.
* Include a call to action at the end of your presentation. Leave employees with something they can do to put what they learned into action. Give them resources or company contacts they can turn to for more information.


* Connect with your employees through features such as polls and instant messaging. Allow them to provide their feedback and opinions about what’s going on in the company.
* Give them an opportunity to ask senior management questions. Be sure to follow up on any questions that don’t get addressed due to time constraints.

User Experience

* Test the quality of your webcast transmission. Address network bottlenecks in advance.
* Ensure that employees receive high-quality video regardless of how they connect, whether they’re located at corporate headquarters, branch offices, remote sites, or working from home or on the road.
* Always make the webcast available on demand for employees who can’t attend the live event.


Gauge the success of your webcast and improve future corporate communications by analyzing webcast data:

* Who watched and for how long.
* Where in the presentation people may have dropped off.
* What questions were asked.

Evaluate the data for both live and on-demand webcasts.

Enterprise video will only grow more popular. Get the most impact from your webcasts by providing employees with relevant and intuitive content, opportunities to interact, and an overall high-quality experience.


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