Build a More Inclusive Company Culture Through Video

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Video is an excellent tool to help drive inclusivity in the workplace. It can bring all employees and leadership together, regardless of geographic boundaries. It can help communicate executive-level messages about diversity and inclusion consistently and broadly. It can enhance collaboration and help provide equal access to learning and corporate opportunities for all employees.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Video provides an effective mechanism for companies to demonstrate what they’re doing to support an inclusive culture. Recruitment and training are two prominent areas for displaying and communicating these efforts.

Recruitment. Emphasize your company’s efforts to recruit global talent. Video interviewing helps shatter geographic and cultural boundaries, opening your potential talent pool exponentially.

Create a video that showcases your company’s belief in a diverse workforce and the strength of having people with different backgrounds and unique experiences contributing to business goals. Include both executive-level management and employees in different roles. Ask executives to talk about how the employees are making a difference at your company. Post the video or videos prominently on your website’s career page.

Additionally, have a structured interview process. Ask the same key questions of all candidates. While every interview will be organic by nature, getting the same basic information from all candidates helps hiring managers get a comparable representation. Don’t increase the opportunity for bias to occur, even unconscious bias.

Training. It’s important for companies to have diversity and inclusion training. Employees need to know what constitutes a diverse workplace, and they need to see that their own company isn’t simply paying lip service to inclusion and diversity practices.

Consider training that focuses on unconscious bias as part of your educational lineup. Everyone has unconscious biases. Creating awareness about such biases and how they can manifest in the workplace will help support an inclusive company culture.

Learning and career development efforts should also be inclusive and available to all employees. Where applicable, customize training videos for different regions and requirements. Make coaching and mentorship opportunities available to all employees and ensure that the opportunities are communicated globally.

Inclusion doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not the result of a single internal marketing campaign or event. It’s something that needs to be integral to a company’s culture and supported from the highest executive level on down. Video goes a long way to convey this support.

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