Capture Leads and Engage your Audience with Webcast Interactivity

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4_lead_generation_opportunities_youre_probably_ignoring.jpgWebcasts provide integrated features you can use to capture leads, engage the audience, bolster your brand, and generate revenue at product launches and other live events.

Capture Valuable Leads

Convey webcasting software allows you to implement a registration screen for your event. Capturing attendee data before the webcast provides valuable opt-in contact information, which allows you to send reminders and post-event follow-up messages to your attendees.

Your company logo, messaging, and colors are rendered on the registration screen, maximizing the impact of your brand. Additionally, Convey integrates directly with existing marketing automation software. You can choose to pass registration details, contact information, and user analytics automatically from Convey to your marketing automation platform.

If you do not want to make registration mandatory, you can still collect attendee contact information through an integrated contest related to the event.

Lead-generation-vibewebsolutions2.pngKeep Your Audience Engaged

Audience engagement is the key to attracting and retaining webcast viewers. Whether attendees are at the live event or watching it from their home or on the road, everyone can participate in moderated Q&A, polling, and social media integration during the webcast.

The webcast player interface allows participants to ask presenters questions via laptop, tablet, smartphone, or mobile device before or during the event. Answers can be given during the live broadcast. Hosting a Q&A session at the end of a webcast gives marketers an opportunity to address information gaps, reinforce key messages, and expand on topics of interest.

Polls before, during, and at the end of a webcast also allow the audience to engage and feel included in the event. You can use polling information to get immediate feedback about the event or to develop future content.

If you choose, attendees can also share their thoughts and questions live on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which can increase in the reach and impact of your event exponentially. Streaming the event directly to your company’s social media profile pages allows users to comment, like, and share.

Monetize Your Live Event

If sponsors want access to your audience, a live event webcast is an opportunity to generate revenue through clickable sponsorship real estate. Sponsors can buy static ads on your webcast display page or a video commercial spot that runs before the webcast, during breaks, or both.

Your sales and marketing efforts don’t have to end when the live event is over. Convey software automatically archives your webcast for new viewers to watch at their convenience. You can add value and increase traffic to your on-demand video by incorporating links to related content and media.

TalkPoint is a industry leader in enterprise communication, our award-winning webcasting platform Convey has facilitated with company-wide messaging to Fortune 500 organizations globally for over fifteen years.

To learn more about our platform contact a business development representative here. For more information on webcasting your next online presentation please click below.



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