A Checklist for Planning Your Webcast

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Whether you’re producing your own webcast or using an outside vendor, you need to get your ducks in a row. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and thorough preparation is essential. Here’s a checklist of the primary business, technical, promotional, and content considerations that go into planning a webcast.

Business Considerations

Who’s your target audience?

What are their pain points or problems that need to be solved?

What’s the purpose of your webcast? To satisfy a customer need or solve a problem? Educate your audience? Generate brand awareness? Deliver thought leadership? Other?

Budget (don’t forget to factor in costs associated with production, distribution, marketing, and travel if applicable).

Webcast location? Target number of attendees?

Will the webcast be live, prerecorded, or for on-demand use only?

Technical Considerations

Hardware: audio and video source, encoder, webcam, videoconferencing units.

Software:  webcasting platform, program for encoding and converting audio and video feeds into formats that can be streamed on the Internet.

Internet connectivity: speed, adaptive bit rate, mobile device-ready?

Corporate network readiness. Is network optimization required?

How will the content be distributed? Server farms? Enterprise network multicast? Content delivery network (CDN)?

How will security be administered?

Production Considerations

Who will be in charge of shooting the video, editing, and posting the files to the servers?

Conduct a pre-call with the speakers to answer any questions (slide deck controls, Q&A format, presenter lineup, etc.).

Conduct a sound check on the day of the webcast.

Review webcast venue logistics (lighting, audio, seating, etc.).

Content Considerations

Who will oversee the speaker presentations (well-developed topic, proper format)?

Will there be related collateral for users to download?

Who will develop and manage polls, Q&A, and chat during the webcast?

Do you need a moderator? What about a video script?

Will you package the webcast for on-demand archiving?

Promotion and Marketing

Where will you promote your webcast (third-party websites, company blog, company newsletter, etc.)?

Integration with social media channels, which ones and when?

Set up a Twitter hashtag; start tweeting weeks in advance and continue throughout the webinar.

Build the event registration page / landing page.

Pre- and post-event email campaigns: Content development and distribution schedules.

Thank-you emails and post-webcast followup with attendees.

Coordinate webcast integration with customer relationship management (CRM) and automated marketing systems.

Post-event promotional efforts: Keep the topic alive, drive awareness to on-demand version.

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