Common Challenges That Your Webcast Partner Should Help You Overcome

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Webcast playback failure

If your webcast attendees run into issues watching one of your live webcasts, it can be a nightmare scenario for your company. You need support that will not only give your team the tools they need to know how to fix video streaming problems, but will proactively prepare your staff. You can avoid embarrassing scenarios when you have a webcast partner that takes the initiative to teach your staff to understand and prevent typical webcast failure scenarios.

Video but no audio

It may sound silly, but audio issues occur more frequently in webcasts than you might realize. In most cases, it could be a simple audio device or setting issue that can be fixed when the presenter modifies webcast software settings. On the other hand, other more time-consuming issues, such as device incompatibility, missing plug-ins, or disconnected audio could be to blame. The last thing you want is a presenter that is unprepared and unable to quickly resolve audio issues.

The right webcast partner will offer training for your presenters to make sure they are adequately prepared for audio issues. More importantly, they will introduce them to steps to take before the webcast to ensure that the registrants have a seamless audio experience.

Issues logging-in

It is important that your webcast attendees are able to log in quickly and easily to access your webcast. In some cases, attendees may forget the email address they used to register. Sometimes, updates to your webcast URL may occur in between initial registration opening and your live stream date. In either situation, webcast attendees need to enter the right email address and URL to join your webcast.

To prevent login issues, you need a partner that will help you put together an accurate, timely set of notifications for your webcast audience. Email campaigns and other webcast reminders are a couple of failsafe strategies that ensure your attendees have the most up-to-date information they need so they can enter your webcast with ease.

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