Companies use Webcasts and Podcasts for IR Presentations

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Most companies release their earnings calls as an MP3 file that can be easily downloaded and listened to, some companies like GE and IBM for instance upload similar calls as a ready-to-listen podcast that you can easily find on iTunes.

Podcasts or downloadable MP3 files are a great way to quickly and easily distribute your information. It gives potential investors updates on a company’s strategy or news on upcoming products or innovations.
Ten years ago, investor earnings calls that were made available via a podcast were labeled as “fringe” activity. It was a good idea, but not something that would take off or be viable in the future. IBM however looked to argue that assumption, in 2005 they were praised for their series of IR-based podcasts, which was a hit with investors.

The following year IBM halted the podcast series, and cited that a redesign to the IR site caused the podcast to be suspended. It resumed in 2008, continuing to 2012 and then stop completely without an explanation. Today, earnings calls can be found on the IBM website, which have downloadable MP3 files and a webcast which include the slide presentation as well.

Webcasts give companies something podcasts and downloadable MP3s cannot, and that’s the ability to track who’s listening or sharing. More often than not, webcasts require users to register to join, view or download a presentation. This provides organizations with data on their registrants, allowing them to market to their audience more efficiently.

Webcast or Podcast your Next Investor Relations Meeting or Conference

General Electric continues to make their earnings call available as a podcast, but also offer it as a webcast on their own IR site as well. Similar to IBM, GE’s webcast is accompanied with both the audio of the call and the PowerPoint slide presentation. In order to view the webcast you have to register on an external site with your name, company name and email address; all data useful for the marketing team at GE.

Podcasts and webcasts are both great solutions for disseminating company-wide information, especially for earnings calls. Podcasts are an easy way for listeners to download and listen to while on the go, they can also listen at their own convnience. While webcasts take it a step further, providing metrics on registrants, and allowing you to combine both audio or video with a PowerPoint presentation to make messages that more impactful.

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