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Convey is the only true do-it-yourself, enterprise-grade webcasting platform available today. Using a standard Internet browser, Convey allows you to create and run a webcast in a few easy steps.

Convey can be viewed and managed on any computer, laptop and mobile device through a single URL, all in the browser. Powerful and robust, it allows automated video signal acquisition from your existing telephone line, webcam, video conferencing unit or encoder.

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    No downloads, no plug-ins - all you need is a browser. Both presenters and viewers can participate in an audio or video webcast from their desktop or mobile device.

    Convey is a fully-automated, do-it-yourself, cloud-based webcasting platform that allows you to use your existing video conferencing unit (VCU), webcam, encoder, studio or telephone to present your webcast. From a desktop, conference room or production studio, leverage your existing investment in unified communications. Every VCU endpoint, webcam and telephone becomes a webcast broadcast station. No additional capital investment required.

    Bring your own device. Through a single URL your webcast viewers can access your live or on-demand presentation on virtually any device. PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices can all be used to view your webcast.
    50 TO 10,000 PARTICIPANTS

    Convey is flexible enough to accommodate presentations as small as 50 participants to large, global meetings with an audience of 10,000. It’s feature-rich with audio, video, PowerPoint slides and all the necessary interactivity of polling, surveys, Q&A and social media.

    Immediately after completing your audio or video webcast, your presentation is ready to be published for on-demand viewing. Viewers can use the same URL for the live event to watch the on-demand webcast. If you think your webcast needs editing, a browser-based editing tool is available to cut and crop video, audio and PowerPoint slides. You can also upload additional slides and video clips.

    With Convey, users get instant online access to track webcast attendance, survey results, Q&A and testing and certification. Real-time metrics on ROI all available through a browser.

Additional Professional Services

Need a webcast operator?
Ensure your next webcast runs flawlessly by making use of TalkPoint’s production management expertise. Our experienced production management team can handle every element of your webcast including setup, presenter training, testing, player design and on-site video capture.

Learn More
Need A/V support in the field?
TalkPoint's seamless on-site webcast support is there when you need it for your high-profile events. When factors like location, event scheduling, logistics or content demand extra attention, we can provide an added layer of professional expertise to ensure your webcast runs smoothly.

Learn More

Convey live webcast software is the future of business webcasts and webinars. This unique do-it-yourself, enterprise-level webcasting platform allows you to use a standard Internet browser to create and run a webcast in a few easy steps. This live webcast software can be viewed and managed on any computer, laptop. or mobile device through a single URL.

The Convey live webcasting software can be used with your existing video conferencing unit, webcam. encoder, studio, or telephone. Specialized flexibility allows Convey to accommodate presentations as small as 50 participants to large, global meetings as large as 10.000. The software is feature-rich with audio, video, and PowerPoint slides, along with necessary interactivity features like polling, surveys, Q&As, and social media.

After you finish your audio or video webcast, the presentation is immediately ready to be published and viewed on-demand with the same URL. Convey also offers a browser-based webcast editing tool so you can cut and crop your video, audio, and PowerPoint slides. In addition, Convey users have instant online access to webcast attendance, survey, and Q&A results. These real time ROI metrics are all available through your browser.

If you feel like you could use some professional advice for your webcast, depend on TalkPoint's production management experts. We can assist your webcast in several ways, including: custom designed event player and registration page, personalized event assistance, email invitation, reminder and confirmation, presenter training, and security set up.

Convey live webcast software has made it easier than ever to create beautiful. impressive webcasts that are guaranteed to impress and inform your audience.

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