Dos and Don’ts for Webcasts Used in Corporate Communications

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Webcasts offer a more engaging way to touch base with your internal and external stakeholders. But if they’re not handled the right way, you may not get the highest possible return on your investment. Below are some dos and don’ts to remember when using webcasts for your corporate communications.



Get Organized and Do Your Homework

Before hosting a webcast live, do your homework and learn as much as you can about your audience first. You’ll want to tailor the content you’re presenting to what your audience truly cares about. Then, organize the content you’re presenting according to what will keep your audience engaged. And as you develop an agenda for your webcast and create content, organize a strategy for how you’ll promote and distribute your webcast as well as how you’ll follow up with your audience once it’s over. Simply put, have a solid plan put together and really know your audience before you broadcast live.

Implement Story-Telling

Don’t just simply show charts, graphs, and screenshots of spreadsheets with data during your webcast. Make the information you’re sharing compelling by telling an engaging story about it. Make your slideshows easy to digest with strong images or share entertaining video clips as you tell a story about what you’re covering. As an example, instead of showing a graph about how much productivity has increased in your office due to a new process, walk around the office and interview employees in real time; get them to tell their stories about how much work they’re completing now because of the newly implemented process.

Use a Self-Service Platform

Using a self-service webcasting platform is one of the best ways to maintain real ownership over your webcasts at all times. Instead of waiting for an outside party to come shoot your live broadcasts with expensive equipment and edit your recorded webcasts, you can record, add, delete, and edit footage as you see fit, wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for you. A self-service platform is also more cost-effective and user-friendly since you can use it to access, edit, and broadcast webcasts directly from a smartphone. 


Forget to Promote Your Webcasts

Oftentimes businesses forget to promote their corporate communications content the same way they promote their marketing content. But this is a mistake. If you want people to tune into your broadcast, be sure to send reminder emails before your webcast goes live and send follow up emails with recorded versions of the webcast. It’s the best way to ensure all internal and external stakeholders tune into your webcast, or at least have access to the information it covers.

Make Webcasts Too Long or Hard to Follow

If you want internal and external stakeholders to care about and remember the information covered in your webcasts, keep them brief and simple. Don’t broadcast an hour-long webcast parsing through a spreadsheet with detailed numbers and then expect everyone to remember it or not tune out halfway through. Simply provide the highlights in a compelling way during your webcast and email your audience any necessary supplementary information (e.g., spreadsheets, data, reports) they can parse through on their own time later.

Ignore Your Audience

Don’t assume that your internal and external stakeholders will automatically be interested in what you’re broadcasting simply because you’re all affiliated with the same organization. Don’t forget to incorporate interactive elements into your webcasts. Ask your audience questions they can respond to in chat windows or interactive polls. Empower them to talk about your webcast on social media. And always solicit their feedback after a webcast. Don’t ignore them, or chances are they’ll ignore you to.


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