Enhance Your Presentation with Desktop Sharing

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Usually, people grasp a process or activity faster and easier if they can see how it’s done rather than just read about how it’s done. This is one of the main reasons for desktop sharing during a webcast or webinar.

Consider sharing your desktop to make the following scenarios more useful and memorable for your audience.

  • Describing a task in a particular program. Open the program yourself, so your audience can follow what your mouse is clicking on, and which folders and files you’re opening.
  • Showing how to use the software. Desktop sharing is an ideal tool for software companies, especially because many consumers tend to blow past instructions. Instead, show them how easy your software is to use. Go through the startup basics with them. Screen sharing is especially helpful to illustrate more advanced software features in detail.
  • Extracting data for analytics. Demonstrate how to extract relevant information from the data and then how to apply it. Ask your audience for a real-life example of the type of data they need to analyze.
  • Providing good and bad examples. Perhaps you’re conducting a webinar on event promotional campaigns. Pull up your desktop screen to show attendees an example or two of well-executed event landing pages, along with an example or two of ineffective landing pages.
  • Sharing files and projects with clients. Sometimes you want to give clients insight into your process. With screen sharing, showcasing your work in progress is simple.
  • Creating a project (using project management software). Using files stored on your computer, show attendees how to organize them and present project milestones in different formats.
  • Explaining search engine optimization. Show your audience what you mean when you use terms such as anchor text, inbound link, landing page, and responsive website.

There are many instances when sharing your desktop screen comes in handy. Use it as a tool to demonstrate how something is done or what it looks like in an effective, memorable way for your audience.

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