Field Services You Should Consider for Broadcasting

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If you plan to stream a professional, broadcasted webcast, there are several moving parts that you have to cover. Broadcasting requires professional equipment, settings, and teams that understand how to execute your event from beginning to end. To ensure you cover all of your bases for a successful webcast event, you should consider a few field services that will best support your needs.

Hire On-site Webcast Producers

If you plan to stream a professional webcast, consider hiring an on-site producer. The main benefit of having a webcast producer available at your filming location is that you have a webcast professional at your direct disposal to support multiple layers of the production process.

A webcast producer takes care of details such as addressing any technical issues that may arise. This empowers your team to focus on delivering quality content to your attendees. In addition, you can save time training your employees because webcast producers are already knowledgeable in a variety of aspects of webcasting. A webcast producer also covers webcast interface management and helps push content to your audience.

Use a Third-Party Broadcasting Studio

If you need to produce a professional webcast but don’t have the physical setting to accommodate this need, consider partnering with a third party that offers a broadcasting studio service. If you host one to four professional webcast events a year, third-party broadcasting studio services are more cost effective than trying to build or rent your own space. Most importantly, some third-party partners can elevate the quality of your event by offering the latest and highest quality broadcasting capabilities.

Leverage A/V Crews at Your Streaming Location

After you have acquired your webcast streaming location, you need a team that can handle your broadcast equipment. If you do not have an in-house team that is already familiar and comfortable with using broadcasting hardware, hiring an A/V crew is an excellent solution.

Whether you are using one or more cameras, A/V crews are trained to use broadcasting equipment and have experience shooting in a variety of spaces. Some third-parties that provide A/V crew services also offer the added benefit of high-tech recording and storage services.

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