Field Services

When “x-factors” like location, event scheduling, venue logistics or content delivery demand extra attention, TalkPoint can provide an added layer of professional expertise to ensure your webcast runs smoothly. TalkPoint’s field services will address the facilities, staff and technological components needed to execute a successful high-touch event.

Webcast Specialists

  • Dedicated remote assistance: Get the help you need with webcast-specific elements during your live event via constant chat and phone communications. TalkPoint’s experience provides us the flexibility to adjust to your required workflow.
  • Webcast Producers: An on-site producer is your on-the-ground resource — managing the webcast interface, pushing content to the audience and answering technical questions allowing your team to focus on the physical event itself.
  • Broadcast Producers: A high-level broadcast expert with a webcasting and TV production background will assist in bringing all presenters, technical and A/V parties together to help ensure everyone is on the same page for a successful webcast.
  • Encoding Technicians:  Technicians provide, set up and manage professional quality streaming hardware in any venue that has connectivity.

A/V Crews

Single and multi-camera crews are available across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific that can accommodate any budget from a small office shoot to theater spaces.

  • All crews use professional broadcast equipment
  • We record in a local file for you in HD quality.
  • Files can be supplied via FTP or on a hard drive.

Broadcast Studios

We can provide access to foreign and domestic state-of-the-art broadcast studios. Contact us for more information.

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