Four Ways to Maximize the Return on Your Archived Video Content

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It’s good practice to archive your webinars and webcasts for a host of reasons. Chief among them:

  • Attendees at live events are limited. You can reach a much larger audience and generate new leads by making your event available on demand.
  • Repurposing content is cost effective. Don’t miss the opportunities to mine rich content for different purposes and channels. Stretching your original content and investment farther costs you nothing when you archive. Archived content also provides fodder for future webinar topics.
  • Archiving makes it convenient for more people to view your content. Making your events available on demand allows people with increasingly busy schedules to view your content when it’s convenient for them (when, by the way, they’re more likely to focus on your event without distractions). Archiving also gives your audience the chance to refresh their memory of key messages and catch up on something they may have missed.

Maximize Your Return

Now that you’ve archived your live events, how can you prolong the life and maximize the ROI of your on-demand video content?

  1. Continue the interactivity. Interactive features such as polls, social media sharing, Q&A chat, and content downloads don’t have to stop when you archive your webcasts. Keep these features active and you’ll continue to collect valuable lead and customer data.

Make sure to inform your sales and marketing teams about the archived content. Send them the link to the content with a concise description of what it’s about.

  1. Develop an on-demand content strategy. Don’t overlook your great content after it’s been archived. Continue to promote it through a variety of channels including emails, social media, and your own website.

As with all your marketing and promotional efforts, though, don’t over-saturate your audience. The more you have in your archive library, the easier it is to do this. Stagger promotions for your on-demand content and make sure there’s no competition with any other promotions in the works.

  1. Centralize archived video content. If you have several webinars, consider creating a centralized location on your website where this on-demand content can be archived. It will help draw attention to these resources and capture interested webinar attendees. A single sign-on for registrants makes it convenient to view them all.
  2. Check archived content periodically for relevancy. Are products and services mentioned in your seminar still available? Are images and informational links still good? Are all the presenters still with the company? Your webcasting software should enable you to make straightforward edits to video content easily.
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