Google Launches Chrome 54 for Windows, Mac and Linux

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Google announces the launch of Chrome 54, with new YouTube HTML5 embeds

Last week Google launched Chrome 54 for operation systems, Windows, Mac and Linux. The release focuses on developers, however it includes improvements to how the browser handles YouTube embeds.

The latest version is available for update now, or you can download it directly from

Chrome browser boasts over 1 billion users, and is an extremely popular platform that developers have to consider. Google is also always updating Chrome, making regular changes and additions that developers need to not only stay on top of, but also make sure they take advantage of.


With the new update, Chrome 54 rewrites YouTube Flash players to natively use the YouTube HTML5 embed style. Google did get rid of Flash for HTML5 by default last year, but older YouTube embeds were still strewn all over the web. This new change brings both better performance and security for the browser.

In addition, Chrome also now provides support for the V1 custom element specification. Now custom elements allows developers to create custom HTML tags, as well as allowing them to define their API and behavior in JavaScript. Google announced that the V0 API will still be supported, until a majority of developers move to the V1 spec. 

For sites that take advantage of multiple browser windows, the BroadcastChannel API has been implemented to allow one-to-many messaging between windows, tabs, iframes, web workers and service workers. This new API allows scripts to establish named channels to send messages between browsing contexts of the same origin.

Chrome 54 is now available for download for the desktop, with Chrome 55 arriving in November. Chrome 54 will be available for Android and iOS users, however that date has yet to be announced.

This past summer we announced the migration of our award-winning Convey webcasting platform to an all HTML5 solution. Webcasts with up to 20,000 simultaneous audience members now no longer require the use of Flash-based plug-ins.

This solution works across all modern browsers, Google Chrome included and operating systems. To learn more about our HTML5 webcasting solution for the enterprise contact a business development representative here.

For more information on HTML5 and TalkPoint please click below.



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