Hardware You Need for Your Webcasts

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If your business is just getting started with webcasts or looking to make some changes, you have several options when it comes to buying hardware. To simplify what can be a complicated endeavor, some specific pieces of hardware that are must-haves for your webcasts.

Buy a quality camera

Many cameras on the market are capable of recording content for your webcasts. You will want a camera that produces quality output. If you are recording your webcasts in-house, you should look at webcams that shoot in HD.

If you want to invest in a camera that produces even higher quality video, check out HD video cameras. These cameras will cost more but produce a more distinct, professional output.

When looking at webcams and/or HD video cameras, remember that resolution is critical. Consider devices that produce 720p or 720i output at the very minimum. Cameras that produce 1080p or 1080i (or higher) are even better. Cameras with this level of output produce clean, crisp results.

Choose a powerful computer

Regardless of the type of camera you buy, you will need a computer that is capable of running your webcast service and video editing software. How do you know what your computer can handle?

  • Ask your service provider to give you their minimum hardware/software requirements
  • Review recommended hardware/software requirements for any video software that you plan to use

If you already have a computer that can handle your webcast and video software, use it. Just keep in mind that video editing can be time-consuming. In addition, a webcam or an external recording device will monopolize the computer during webcast streaming and uploading times. Make sure that business workflow will not be impeded while the computer is used for webcast purposes.

Business use can also be impacted by webcam or an external recording device use. These devices monopolize the computer during webcast streaming and uploading times.

Look for a computer terminal that meets or exceeds all of your webcast hardware requirements. If you like to hold on to your computer for 3 years or more, consider buying hardware that exceeds requirements. Specifically, look at extra hard drive space, upgraded RAM, and high-performing processors. This will become useful as your webcast library grows and you update your software down the line, because your computer will already be equipped to meet future performance requirements.

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