How the Publishing Industry Can Use Webcasts for More Revenue

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At first it may not seem as though video webcasts would benefit an industry based solely on writing, but they can. Below are ways the publishing industry can use webcasts to generate more revenue.


Road Shows

Road shows hosted in the publishing industry typically consist of book readings, publishing industry insights, newly or pending releases of well-known authors, book and writing awards, and more. They offer a great opportunity for readers, authors, editors, and publishers alike to learn about what’s out there. Webcasting live readings can encourage would-be readers to buy a book or follow an author affiliated with a certain publishing house. Information about trends in genres can generate sales in publishing. (Remember the whole romantic vampire craze?) Audience members from around the world can tune in to your webcasted road show too, to see which books won awards and what other readers are raving about. Webcasting a road show is one of the best ways for publishers to boost sales.

Interviews with Authors and Editors

Avid readers always want to know how authors came up with their story ideas, or how the real person behind a recent autobiography or body of research really lives. Offer readers and fans real-life insight by interviewing authors in webcasts. Have authors walk around their home office or favorite writing spot and share how they work on a day-to-day basis. You could also interview editors, so aspiring writers can know who they’ll be working with and what to expect. Editors can also share their pet-peeves and deal-breakers. Each webcast with an interview of an author or editor will build a greater fan base that will buy more books.

Interviews with Agents and Publishers

Aspiring authors relish opportunities to get live feedback from agents and publishers. Hosting a webcast where aspiring authors can ask questions about a publishing house and gain insight about submission requirements would be highly sought after. If you can, host a panel of experts and webcast it to a live audience. Authors can learn what to do and not do when writing or submitting a body of work for consideration. And as a result, publishing houses will receive more qualified submissions and manuscripts that will sell more books.

Disclosure of Best Practices

Overall, webcasts that hold instructional content about writing or editing a piece of written work will build an audience that will sell and buy more books. Those interested in the publishing industry will always seek out opportunities to ask questions and learn more about how they can get into the industry. Disclosing best practices will establish your credibility as a leader in the publishing industry and gain a more loyal following. You can even offer small amounts of ad space in your webcasts for companies that offer tools and services of interest to aspiring writers or publishers, further increasing your usefulness as a resource in the publishing industry.


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