How to Ensure that Everyone Across Your Enterprise Uses Webcasts

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Webcasts have the potential to enhance your company’s bottom line and increase the overall effectiveness of communications and teamwork across your enterprise. But first, it’s essential to get everyone across your enterprise creating and sharing them.

Here’s how you can ensure everyone that across your enterprise uses webcasts.

Gain Executive Buy-In

Anything that happens on a grand scale and on a regular basis across an enterprise organization always starts at the top. If you want everyone in the marketing department to involve the IT department in hosting webcasts, you need to get executive leadership on board. You need to show them how webcasts can have a positive influence and offer any kind of data or statistics that support your case. Start with these statistics [here]( If executives are willing to host webcasts themselves, that’s even better.

Find a Self-Service Webcasting Platform

With a self-service webcasting platform, all employees will need to do is create a profile and get to work. They can plan, create, promote, share, edit, and archive their webcasts with a touch of a button, as well as evaluate their performance metrics. Employees will also be able to access webcasting content on mobile devices, and so will their audiences.

Outline Content Guidelines and Build a Strategy

As you’re gaining executive buy-in, build a strategy that details why everyone across your enterprise should be webcasting by defining tangible business goals for your webcasts. Determine if webcasts should be used to increase sales, brand awareness, etc. And then create content guidelines for webcasts that are easy to follow, such as what voice to use, intended audience profiles, images, length, etc. When strategies and guidelines are easy to understand and placed in the context of day-to-day operations, everyone will start to see how they can use webcasts and why they’re valuable.   

Encourage Every Department to Use Webcasts

Webcasts aren’t just for communications departments. Encourage everyone across your enterprise to host webcasts for a variety of purposes—everything from product demonstrations and customer testimonials to interviews with industry experts. Not sure where to start? Here are [four types of webcasts your business should host annually](

Share Webcasts

If you really want to encourage individuals across your organization to use webcasts, create and share them yourself. You can host live webcasts, share them in emails and on social media, and upload them to your learning management systems. Once enough employees see what you’re doing and are entertained by it or learn something valuable, they’ll want to do the same thing.


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