How to Make Video a Profit Center for Your Internal Organization

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There are many moving pieces to consider when creating, managing, and sharing internal video content for your business. Here’s how to make video a profit center for your organization. 
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Build a Strategy that Involves Your Entire Organization

Video should be viewed as a capability across your entire organization, rather than a siloed solution for individual departments to own. To start seeing higher returns on investment for the videos you create, you’ll first need to get everyone across your organization on board to use video. Talk to each department (IT, HR, L&D, Operations, etc.) individually about what organizational goals they’re trying to achieve, and build your video strategy around that. This is the only way they’ll ever fully understand why they need to use video in the first place. Come up with a central strategy that every department can benefit from regarding how video content will be created, how it will be distributed, how and where it will be stored, and how it will be consumed.

Understand Specific Business Video Use Cases

Your video strategy should span the entire organization so everyone is on the same page. But each department still needs its own profit-deriving case for creating or sharing video if it wants executive buy-in, and for people across the organization to actually consume videos.

For example, sales teams can create or use product demo videos or other video sales collateral while they’re in the field talking with customers or even while they’re talking on the phone with customers. Customers are more likely to buy a product if they understand how to use it and if the information is delivered in a compelling way, especially through video. Customer service representatives can also view those sales videos to understand how to use the product. When customers are satisfied with service, it increases the likelihood they’ll remain customers after the phone call. And human resources can use videos to recruit and retain top talent, increasing an organization’s productivity and effectiveness and thereby increasing the organization’s profits. 

Keep Video Content in a Central Location for Continued Collaboration and Innovation

Once you’ve created compelling content centered on specific business use cases, you’ll need to store it all in a central location that everyone inside your organization can access. You never know how Joe from the marketing department will want to use a video about a new product that was developed by the engineering team. Allowing internal teams to collaborate, share, and discuss video content is the best way to boost innovation and profits across your organization. For more robust value, integrate compelling external content (e.g., industry news, product videos) as well. And ensure all internal and external content is hosted in a location that employees are already using instead of forcing them to adopt a new application they can’t use for anything else.

Ultimately, the best way to make video a profit center for your internal organization is to:

* Come up with a smart video strategy that spans the organization.
* Help individual departments develop their own specific use cases that will generate profits or yield high returns on investment.
* Encourage video sharing and collaboration across the organization by keeping all video content in one place that’s convenient for everyone.


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