How to Use Webcasts to Tell Your Story

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Webcast events can be centered around a variety of topics. Most businesses use webcasts for informational purposes such as sales demos, internal meetings, and training. Even though these are all beneficial webcast strategies, your webcast events can be used for so much more! Beyond explaining processes and procedures, webcasts can tell your story.

Further Your Brand

Webcasts are a great way for you to host events or create on-demand videos that showcase your business. For example, you may decide to host a webcast event that gives new customers an overview of your business.

You can show off with customer testimonials, highlights from trade shows, or awards you have won. Personalize the webcast with a story of your company history and segue to a picture of your brand. With these techniques, your webcast attendees gain insight into your commitment and passion for delivering quality product and services.

Introduce Your People

The soul of your business is your team. Your customers want to know what your employees bring to the table. A webcast event is a prime opportunity to introduce key members of your team to customers.

One effective strategy is to pepper in one or more members of your team based on topic. For example, if you are delivering a sales demo, you can introduce the account manager or sales director working on an account. You can also design a webcast that promotes a department’s expertise. If your executive team has an impressive background, create a webcast that focuses on them.

Promote a New Product

Webcasts that share information about a new product will create a buzz. You can promote your product while exciting webcast attendees about what it has to offer. Don’t just show the end result – tell a story. Share some information about how the product was conceptualized. Talk about the planning, design, and implementation for your product. You can also share stories that give your attendees an inside look:

  • How did your customers inspire your product?
  • How will your product improve your customers’ lives?
  • How does your product offer something unique or stand out in your market?

Use your stories to leverage your webcast strategy. Sharing personalized details will engage your webcast attendees and grow your brand.

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