How to Implement SEO the Right Way for Your Webcasts

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical strategy for marketing teams – regardless of if they are looking to drive webcasts for a large enterprise or small business. Businesses that implement a strong SEO for webcasts can reap many benefits, including growing your brand awareness and generating more qualified leads. How do you know the best SEO strategies for your business? You should follow a few rules of thumb, to get the results you need.

Take a Closer Look at Your Competitors

If you are new to webcasts or looking to attract more visitors to your video sites, you should consider the benefit of examining your competitor’s strategies. For example, do your competitors rank above you for webcast searches? If so, see if you can learn about how your competitors use ads or keywords to attract traffic.

Consider Merging Your Webcast and Website SEO Strategies

Is your company website centered around a web-based SEO strategy? If so, marketing and web teams may be able to provide insight into this SEO strategy, which saves you time in deciding on keywords for your Webcast SEO strategy. Typically, companies that have implemented a web-based SEO strategy have access to website analytics. This data can give you insight into what keywords and topics resonate with your customers.

In addition, you can look at website data to learn about strengths and opportunities for your webcast SEO optimization. Don’t be afraid to learn about your online customer’s patterns and use these findings to merge your webcast and website SEO strategies.

Review customer data for Webcast SEO planning

When designing an SEO strategy, you need to understand what your customers want. To maximize this understanding, you may benefit from reaching out to other teams to obtain customer data. Consider any teams that may be able to provide customer-related data that will provide insight into planning your webcast SEO strategy.

For example, can marketing teams provide customer data that can improve your understanding of their needs? You can ask your marketing team for any reports or data analytics related to customer feedback.  Customer data may help you shape a new SEO strategy that will attract a broader range of registrants for your webcast.

Ensure Every Webcast is Tied to Your SEO Strategy

After you have performed keyword research, make sure that every webcast you create ties to your SEO strategy. When you create new webcasts or update your existing webcast pages, make sure they reflect your keyword research.

You can tie keywords in through your webcast descriptions or through adding blogs. You can also link to your webcasts on related pages that already land considerable traffic. No matter which combination of keyword strategies you use, make sure your wording is consistent.

When use keywords consistently, you can attract more people to your webcasts through search engines. In addition, visitors looking for a related topic on your website may discover webcast content that they didn’t know existed. These methods all help market your webcasts.

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