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Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales reps with information and resources to help them engage customers effectively throughout the buying journey. It’s also described as a strategic process that gives salespeople the ability to have a valuable conversation with customers at each stage of their problem-solving lifecycle.

Both of these definitions boil down to the same thing: Ensuring that your salespeople have the right knowledge and tools to help them be successful and close deals.

Video is an excellent tool for training and equipping your salesforce. It can help your sales reps learn and share knowledge more effectively, increase customer engagement, and qualify leads.

Training Sales Reps

Sales teams are enriched by product and sales training along with the ability to share their strategies and insights with sales colleagues wherever they’re located. Video is a highly effective medium to ensure that your salesforce has access to the same training, regardless of geography or time zone. What’s more, your sales teams will absorb and retain information delivered via interactive video much more readily than information delivered by email or internal correspondence.

Webcasts that feature salespeople sharing their successes and best practices are also effective. Your entire sales organization can access on-demand versions of these webcasts on their own time.

Equipping Sales Reps

From brand awareness to lead generation, webinars and webcasts are one of the best ways to engage and educate potential customers, with content tailored to different stages of the buying cycle. The lion’s share of today’s buyers prefers to educate themselves about products and services online before being contacted by a sales rep. Webinars and webcasts help establish trust in a brand or specific product before the sales rep steps in.

Moreover, webcasts and webinars are packed with analytics that help sales reps qualify leads and understand their prospects better. Examples include length of viewing time, where viewers dropped off and where they returned, the questions submitted, poll responses, and social media activity.

Content such as explainer videos and product demos, which prospective buyers can view on demand at their convenience, means sales teams can spend less time educating prospects on speeds and feeds and more time on personalized interaction that zeroes in on a customer’s particular needs.

For both training and equipping your reps, video is a proven effective sales enablement tool.

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