Increase the Impact of Your Investor Relations Events

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Corporate transparency and timely communication are must-haves for investors, shareholders, and financial analysts. What’s more, these important stakeholders expect two-way communication. One-way communication just isn’t sufficient enough.

Webcasting puts the all-important executive face on your financial communications. Video helps connects viewers to your company message. The investor community needs to see executives talking about their annual reports, SEC filings, and the like. Two-way communication is especially critical when it comes to disseminating information such as management changes, mergers and acquisitions, product and inventory liabilities, and market downturns.

Interact with Your Audience

Webcasting software gives you all the tools you need to plan and execute regular investor relations (IR) meetings as well as make critical announcements on the fly. Q&A is essential to win investors’ confidence in your company. Webcasting enables your executives to accept and answer questions easily from an online audience.

Engage participants and stimulate interaction with features such as live chat and ask-a-question.

Additionally, help your audience understand your company’s big picture and strategic direction through visuals and embedded video.

Notify and Remind

Use your webcasting software to send participants block-the-date emails before a scheduled shareholder event, followed by reminder emails leading up to the event. Afterward, send an email with a summary of relevant information and a link to the on-demand event for both shows and no-shows.

You can even continue the conversation with investors by setting up the ask-a-question feature for your on-demand event.

Evaluate and Improve

Use polls and surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of your IR webcast. What topics did participants view the most? Who are your recurring viewers? What questions did they ask and what did they say in your survey that you can use to improve subsequent events?

Webcasting software makes your IR events easy to manage and implement. Try webcasting for your next quarterly earnings report, analyst day, shareholder meeting, or other IR event. Reach these important stakeholders with the most cost-effective, impactful vehicle at your disposal.

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