Increase Your Brand Awareness with Webinars

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Educating the marketplace about your product or service is critical. The overwhelming majority of today’s consumers seek a lot of information about new products and services before they buy. They’re online and on social media, asking friends and family and participating in dialogues.


Buyers are just as eager for best practices and advice that will help them excel in their professional and personal lives. They want to establish a connection with the businesses and brands they patronize, not just transact a sale.

Webinars are an ideal forum for providing potential customers with the educational and best-practice information they seek while generating awareness and confidence in your brand. Q&A and other interactive capabilities provide the opportunity to have a dialogue with prospective buyers and gain a better understanding of their needs and concerns. Webinars are ideal for helping to build relationships with your prospects and customers, not just making a sale.

So, Don’t Make it a Sales Pitch

In a brand awareness webinar, your number one priority isn’t selling or pushing a slogan. The lion’s share of people you’re addressing will be in the awareness stage of the purchasing funnel. Your focus should be on establishing a relationship with them, educating and informing them in a persuasive yet gentle way. Impart best practices, share study findings, present a case study that spotlights the same challenges and problems they might have.

Of course, you can talk about your product or show how it works – but only in ways that demonstrate how the webinar attendees will benefit. If you spotlight a product feature, talk about how the product will enable attendees to accomplish _x_ that they couldn’t do before or increase their ability to do it 10 times faster.

Strive for making your brand sound helpful and exciting. At a minimum, you want webinar attendees to walk away wanting to learn more. Even better, they’ll walk away feeling they need your product or service.

Interact with your audience. Ask for their input. Poll them about their top pain points at work. Open up a Q&A session. Learn from them. The valuable insight you gain can then be used to nurture leads and personalize your marketing efforts as prospects continue to move through the purchasing funnel.

In fact, webinars are not only among the best and most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness; they also generate leads. In a survey conducted by, 73 percent of business-to-business sales and marketing executives cited webinars among the top most effective ways to generate leads.


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