Inform and Energize your Sales Organization with a Live Webcast

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TalkPoint's Convey Webcasting software is available on desktops, laptops and mobile devices

When it comes to educating and energizing your salesforce, there is no event more pivotal than the annual sales kickoff. This is your opportunity to hold the undivided attention of all your representatives, and ensure that they are up to speed with information about new products, services, company goals, and resources to help them conquer their sales quotas in the coming year.

There is a lot of information for management to communicate and the sales team to absorb.

Traditional in-person sales kickoffs are costly events for enterprises. In addition to a steep price tag for travel, accommodations, and event production, gathering hundreds or thousands of salespeople and executives together in one venue is logistically tricky. Plus, productivity often takes a hit during the event.

Increasingly, enterprises are looking toward technology such as webcasting to replace or supplement traditional in-person sales kickoffs. Webcasting technology allows you to hold a large event without the trouble of varied time zones and busy schedules. Video webcasting is a convenient, cost-effective tool to communicate with sales reps no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

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Likewise, geographically dispersed executives who might otherwise not be able to attend the kickoff can deliver their vision and sales targets for the company via live or prerecorded webcasts.

Webcasts created with Convey software from TalkPoint include different ways to spread information to your sales organization from a webcast player branded with your company’s logo and colors. Include slides that illustrate sales projections and marketing plans, displaying spreadsheets and graphs.

Show off your latest television ad on embedded video. Demo a new product. Offer coaching by special guest speakers. Let top salespeople talk about their tips for a successful close.

All the presentation, product, and training information is downloadable. Convey also enables language-specific webcasts for sales staff in different countries. And when the kickoff is over, new hires can access the live webcast any time on demand.

Interactivity Keeps Engagement High

Engagement goes a long way toward building sales unity and morale. With Convey’s built-in options for Q&A, polling, and surveys, interaction isn’t lost. Set up team collaborations. Incorporate sales awards, recognition activities, or contests. The managed Q&A feature allows viewers to send questions and comments to the presenters or moderators, conveniently within the webcast player interface.

Get a pulse on reps’ reaction to a change in sales compensation or test their knowledge of a new product through integrated polling and surveys. After the event, Convey users have instant online access to webcast attendance, survey, polling, and Q&A results. The real-time ROI metrics are all available through your browser.

Video, webcasts and webinars have risen in the enterprise due to their low cost, efficiency and ability to reach global contacts

To see a webcast in action click here to watch a demonstration of Convey’s capabillties.

With budgets, busy schedules, and employee engagement to keep in check, enterprises benefit from using webcasting technology to inform and energize their sales organization.

TalkPoint is a industry leader in enterprise communication, our award-winning webcasting platform Convey has facilitated with company-wide messaging to Fortune 500 organizations globally or over fifteen years.

To learn more about our platform contact a business development representative here. For more information on webcasting and our services please click below.



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