Integration Hub

Online events and webinars continue to grow in popularity and have become one of the primary lead generation tools available to marketers. This continued growth and adoption has driven the combined use of marketing automation platforms with webcasting and webinars. To assist you with data integration, we have developed a suite of tools that make communication between our webcasting platform and your marketing platforms seamless. Whether you are using webcasting for lead generation or for any other reason, our webcast integrators will help you manage your data.

TalkPoint allows you to connect to virtually any CRM platform, such as SalesForce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot or Pardot. This allows you to link both your registration actions and reporting. A webcast registration page can be hosted on your site via your CRM platform or even via a custom built form. Data and analytics about your webcast audience can also be sent to your CRM to create or update leads and contacts.

Start creating scalable, interactive webcasts for your business today. It’s easy with TalkPoint.

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