Invigorate and Extend the Reach of Sales Enablement

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An ongoing challenge for enterprises of all sizes is keeping their sales teams engaged and up to date on the latest products, technology, and other offerings. And the bigger and more geographically dispersed the salesforce, the greater the challenge.


Through webcasts and virtual events, you can bring your entire sales team together, wherever they’re located. Celebrate sales wins and team successes. Disseminate brand messaging, product information, and other news consistently and cost efficiently. Sales reps in remote offices won’t be left out, and salespeople on the road can watch the archived events on their schedule.

Webinars make it easy to train your salespeople and deliver mandatory certification testing. You can even track their progress and gauge topic retention using webinar reporting tools. Include downloadable resources such as product data sheets and customer collateral in your webinars.

Bring new hires up to speed and facilitate a timely knowledge transfer within your sales team. Sales executives and managers can give live or on-demand training and informational sessions from anywhere.

The Virtual Sales Kickoff

The all-important sales kickoff doesn’t have to be an expensive, hard-to-schedule proposition, incurring steep travel and accommodation costs to get your sales reps and executive team together at a single venue. A virtual sales kickoff enables you to motivate and engage your team just as well at a fraction of the cost:

* Inspire sales reps with interactive video, showcasing new product demos, selling best practices, and customer wins delivered by the reps themselves.
* Share insights and presentations from executive leadership across the globe.
* Build awareness of new products through demos and feature update videos.
* Give all your sales reps an opportunity to provide input using polling, instant chat, Q&A, and other webcast engagement tools.
* Sharpen their competitive edge with easy access to the latest sales resources.

Webcasts and webinars are the most cost-effective way to motivate, train, and empower your salesforce—anywhere, anytime.


TalkPoint is a industry leader in enterprise communication, our award-winning webcasting platform Convey has facilitated with company-wide messaging to Fortune 500 organizations globally for over fifteen years.

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