Do Live or Recorded Webcasts Yield a Higher ROI?

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When it comes to developing, creating, and promoting webcasts inside and outside your organization, do you think live webcasts or recorded webcasts yield a higher return on investment (ROI)? Which option will ultimately yield a more robust bottom line and more income or revenue?

The truth is that they both do. And you should invest in both. Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding ROI of Live Webcasts

Live Webcasts Lead to More Online Engagement and Sales

According to research conducted and gathered by LiveStream, live video generates more leads, sales, and conversions across the web. Consumers would rather watch live videos about products than read about them, and they want more high-quality live video from their favorite brands. They also like to engage with live video streams and share them with their online communities, which increases a brand’s reach, generates more leads, and lands more sales.

Live Webcasts Build Trust in Brands

Brands that produce more behind-the-scenes live video and live interviews build trust with their online audiences, as it allows them to offer a level of transparency that consumers seek. And when consumers grow to trust your brand via its transparency, they’re much more likely to follow you online, buy from you, and tell their social networks about everything you offer, too.

Live Webcasts Meet Customer Demands and Expectations

With the gaining popularity of platforms like Facebook Live and the growing use of mobile devices, a majority of online and mobile audiences want to be able to access live video at their fingertips. There is a huge demand for live video. And if you aren’t giving your audiences what they want, then chances are your competition is.

Understanding ROI of Recorded Webcasts

Recorded Webcasts Can Earn Income via Subscription-Based Models

If your organization conducts and publishes webcasts that cover cutting-edge research or unique techniques and processes on a rolling basis, you can allow your audience to subscribe to your webcasts for a small fee. Audience members will be willing to pay a subscription fee for original and useful webcast content your organization publishes.

Recorded Webcasts Can Earn Residual Income

Asking your audience members to pay a one-time fee per webcast they download or access could yield high returns on residual income too, if your organization is building a substantially sized audience. This tactic to earn revenue is also beneficial for organizations that are already recognized as thought leaders and trusted resources in their respective industries.

Recorded Webcasts Increase Revenue and Marketing Efforts

According to LiveStream, video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent or more. And consumers are much more likely to view a product and buy it when it’s represented in a video clip, whether that video is included in a social media post, in an email, or on a website. Online audiences are much more willing to share videos about products with others too, opposed to blog posts or digital ads.


Whether they’re live or recorded, video content in general is still expected to account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic by 2021.  So, developing a mixture of recorded and live webcasts across your organization is the best way to maintain a higher ROI for all your webcasting efforts, and to outpace the competition.

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