Make 3 Investments Now to Save on Webcast Costs Overall

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If you plan on recording webcasts on a regular basis, there are several webcasting tools that need to be integrated into the webcasting project. With a range of incremental costs and overall budget to consider, a good rule of thumb is: if your business is going to host more than a handful of webcasts per year, you should purchase specific webcasting tools now to save costs overall.

Buy a Portable Video Recorder

Whether you are just getting started with your webcasts or looking to expand your current webcasting strategy, a portable video recording device is a wise purchase to make. In many cases, businesses simply default to using a stationary webcam or renting cameras for each webcast.

Stationary webcams are typically less expensive than portable video recorders. However, in the long-run, webcams may create limitations for your webcasts. Portable video recorders give you more freedom to stream your webcasts from multiple locations. They can also be uploaded to any computer. Though they can be moved around manually, webcams are usually set up and maintained on one computer.

Although rental equipment fees are initially less expensive than purchasing a video recorder outright, repeat rental fees can add up over time. In addition, camera rental service providers often require that you hire one or more crew members to man the camera. If your business has a frequent or long-term goal for streaming webcasts, it would benefit to run a cost-price analysis to determine how much you can save if you skip rental fees and purchase a recorder.

Invest in Webcasting Software

Your business can stand out from its competitors by choosing to invest in webcasting software. Webcast management and production have a wide-array of ins and outs; your business needs a software tool that can handle it all. Webcasting software will help ensure that you thoughtfully plan and host your webcast. Most importantly, webcasting software offers robust data analytics that will give you consistent control on how to engage your registrants and follow up with webcast attendees.

Formalized Webcast Training for Employees

If you plan on hosting regular webcasts, it is imperative that you have one or more employees that are trained to use your hardware and software. If you purchase a video recording device, make sure your employee(s) are allotted time to learn how to use the camera. If you invest in webcasting software, check with your service provider to see if they offer a software training program.

Training isn’t just about your employees reading and learning about hardware and software. Some service providers can give your employees testing and certification to ensure they understand what they have learned. Training is also an excellent opportunity for them to practice using your webcasting tools. Give your employees at least one dry run of hosting a webcast (internally) before you stream it. This will help them retain what they have learned and identify potential pain points for formal webcasts. A trial run gives your staff an opportunity to overcome issues and avoid hiccups during live streaming of future webcasts.

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