Reinvent Compliance Training with Video

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Most organizations conduct compliance training of some type, from annual Code of Ethics reviews to workplace safety regulations to refreshing industry certifications. And many organizations struggle to make compliance training more effective and engaging for their employees. In a 2017 study conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, only about one-third of the respondents considered their compliance training to be effective, and most reported their training to be only somewhat effective.

There are many things you can do to make your compliance training more engaging, increasing the likelihood that employees will internalize important messages and act on critical information. For this, there’s no better tool than video.

Showing is always more memorable than telling. Instead of telling employees dos and don’ts in a series of text slides, show them specific situations that teach the risks of noncompliance. Human topics, such as harassment prevention and inclusion and diversity, lend themselves especially well to conveying via video.

When possible, use real employees in your videos. If you need to use actors, choose people your targeted employees can identify with.

Test employees’ attention to the topic by inserting short quizzes throughout the training. Craft questions that compel employees to think critically about situations they may encounter in their daily jobs.

Following are some other ways you can use video to spice up your compliance training.

  • Speak to employees directly. Record leaders throughout your organization explaining why compliance matters. A video from the CEO is impactful, but employees also want to hear from people they can relate to and people they interact with. Feature managers from across the organization. And always be authentic in your communication. Don’t underestimate your credibility with employees.
  • Localizecompliance updates by geographical region.
  • Recognize employeeswho exemplify a culture of compliance.
  • Address a compliance matter in a live sessionand take employee questions. You’ll have a great video to make available to all employees on demand.

Compliance training is necessary, and you want to get maximum impact for your training investment. Video can help you raise engagement among employees and increase your impact and reach cost-effectively.

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