Reward Employees and Award Learners with Webcast Certificates

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Your webcasting software probably includes options for creating “certificates,” which can be used to reward employees and validate learning. If you’re not already taking advantage of webcast certificates, let’s explore some of the ways they can be used.

Reward Employees

Customized certificates are a fun way to reward viewers of your webcast or online event for their participation. Certificates of appreciation can also be used to recognize employees for going above and beyond on a particular customer project or to celebrate work milestones and personal or professional accomplishments.

At your town hall meetings, for instance, you might take a few minutes to acknowledge employees who have recently reached their 5-, 10-, or 15-year employment anniversary and present them with a certificate.

Or you may develop a program that allows employees to earn “social certificates” based on their level of participation in a particular activity. Social certificates encourage recipients to share their achievement with peers and even future employers. These types of certificates are not unlike badges that can be earned and shared on social media.

You can customize certificates of achievement with your company logo and corporate color scheme.

Award Learners

Certificates of completion are handy if your employees have to undergo compliance training, or you’re in a field that requires periodic re-certification, continuing professional education (CPE) courses, or learning paths for accreditation or licensing.

Your webcasting software should have the option to set up a certification exam, typically consisting of one or more questions in a single event that must be answered correctly for a viewer to receive a customized certificate stating that they passed the exam.

If your webcasting software has “instant grading,” selected answers will be marked correct or incorrect upon submitting them. This feature gives participants immediate feedback, indicating whether they passed the certification exam and will receive a certificate of completion or whether they need to brush up on the questions that were marked incorrect.

Certificates that reward employees and award learners are easy to create and customize using your self-service webcast software. Setting up a certification exam is simple, too.

How can you reward your employees with a customized certificate of achievement?


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